Set within the heart of the Panama rainforest and alongside the Panama Canal, the Gamboa Discovery School takes advantage of unique natural, scientific and cultural assets to deliver a comprehensive and unforgettable education. We are a Project-Based Learning School and our core mission elements are: Scientific Inquiry Use experimentation to understand the nature, processes and methods of science. Imbue foundational concepts by exciting the child’s natural discovery Relationships Cultivate and forge enduring connections between teachers, families and the community Fun 
Use play to build confidence, inspire creativity, and explore personal limits Preparation Develop critical thinking, encourage mature communication and instill collaboration as fundamental tools for the child’s long life ahead Leadership Guide students towards being transformational leaders who are able to empower others by imbuing responsibility Respect Foster respect and compassion for all living things, cultures and personalities. Challenge prejudice and honor values The Gamboa Discovery School takes pride in the accomplishments and dedication of our faculty and staff. We look for teachers that share our mission and core values, are excited about professional development and able to share that excitement with our students. We look for individuals who are dedicated to contributing to our community and ensuring student success in the 21st Century. The right candidate demonstrates open-mindedness and a good sense of humor. This candidate successfully copes with challenges and exhibits flexibility, adaptability and patience. This candidate embraces the rich experience of living in a fascinating host country like Panama and the beautiful community of Gamboa. A successful GDS teacher demonstrates outstanding ability in the following: • Contributes to the success of our school mission and vision. • Models our Student Model and challenges students to be a positive influence in empowering students to excel in their world. • Creates engaging learning experiences through inquiry and reflection using a broad range of local, global and virtual opportunities. • Builds and maintains a safe classroom culture where students can take risks, feel safe to contribute, and where student behavior is managed in a positive, proactive manner. • Uses differentiated instruction to work with students’ different needs and interests, while understanding the importance of good emotional and social development. • Is able to understand and employ standard based curricula and assessment. • Plans and collaborates with colleagues to better meet student learning needs. • Uses Understanding by Design curriculum design approach, and is committed to participating in curriculum design, mapping and the development of new educational practices. • Uses instructional technology in meaningful, innovative and authentic ways. • Sets individual professional goals, and is open to engaging in feedback, evaluation and reflection processes. Preferably provides a teaching license, certificate or qualification. Obtained a Bachelor's degree, Master degree preferred. Experience teaching in diverse environments. Bilingual/Multilingual candidate preferred. GDS offers a competitive salary, support with housing arrangements in Gamboa, healthcare and travel allowance for international applicants.

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