Gimnasio Los Almendros is located just outside  Cucuta Colombia. It is a progressive, non-profit school with a global perspective offering both Colombian and U.S. diplomas. Our educational community consists of approximately 270 students, representing 2 nations,  25 teachers, 9 of whom are fully bilingual. We are committed to a high quality, international education U.S. curriculum and philosophy. We envision our graduates as socially responsible, adaptable, life-long learners and leaders capable of passionately pursuing their dreams. We are a small school which at the moment has grades 1-5 fully bilingual. Grades 6-11 have the traditional Colombian Education. Each year a new grade level becomes bilingual. Class size is no more than 25 students. Grades 1-3 have teaching assistants who have teaching degrees as well. Students come from a bilingual Kindergarten where English is taught by immersion. 

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