Quality Education Holding Company was founded in (2009, 1430H) to support the educational process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; relying on the extensive experience of its members and employees in the fields of education, training and management, it successfully established many private and international schools, institutes and science academies all around the Kingdom. The Quality Education Company aims to advance the quality of the educational process and to provide the best services in this area; it is characterized by its adoption of advanced technology in the areas of education and training.Following a strong and effective approach to providing the best of services, the company initiated its journey in the education and training areas distinctly, compared to other similar companies.Believing in the importance of e-learning and distance training, a specialized department was established to design digital libraries, interactive e-books, and the orientation process of remote training; where each person chooses their preferred time and date to attend the session while residing at home or being at work.The provision of excellent quality services is what distinguishes the Quality Education Company from many others. This is clearly shown through its numerous achievements in a short period of time, concluding several agreements with local, regional and global institutes and educational institutions, and cooperating with major universities to provide our customers with the best of services.

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