Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools is a private international school owned by Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. First opening in 1944, the school has expanded to six locations across the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, with over 4,000 students of expat Saudi Aramco employees. Grade levels start at PreK up to Grade 9, with a strong emphasis on academic and extra curricular activities.

SAES campuses are modern and kept up to date with the latest technology to aid in student learning. School facilities include learning media centers, art studios, science labs, gymnasium and sports fields. As well, each school community has access to a bowling alley, theater, library and golf course. SAES teachers are qualified, experienced and dedicated educators that are committed to the success of their students. Classroom instruction at SAES is continuously modified and refined to enhance each student’s learning potential.

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