Top English teaching jobs in Ukraine

Note to teachers considering Ukraine

Ukraine is currently experiencing a period of political unrest and the situation changes on a daily basis. Please check government travel advisories for the most up-to-date information:

Teach in Ukraine

Teaching in Ukraine

Teaching Jobs in Ukraine

Paid English teaching jobs can be found in language schools across Ukraine. The majority of jobs are located in the capital of Kyiv, with a number of others located in Odessa. Private language institutes usually have students of all ages and require teachers to hold a recognized TEFL certificate.

Licensed teachers can find teaching jobs in Ukraine’s international schools. In order to obtain one of these positions, teachers will usually need at least 2 years of experience after receiving their teaching license.

For teachers interested in volunteering abroad, there are often many chances to volunteer in Ukraine while teaching English. Opportunities can be found in both urban and rural areas, as the demand for English language education is growing nationwide.

Teaching in Ukraine

Salary and benefits when teaching in Ukraine

Educators who obtain paid teaching jobs in Ukraine are usually able to make a comfortable living when considering Ukraine’s low cost of living. Teacher salaries may range from approximately USD $1500-3000, and many schools will provide or subsidize accommodation. Other benefits may include airfare and a small relocation allowance.

Teaching in Ukraine – hiring

The school year in Ukraine begins in September, with most international schools doing the bulk of their hiring in the spring. ESL schools, however, will usually hire year-round for ongoing start dates.

Teach in Ukraine

What’s Needed to Teach in Ukraine

Qualifications needed to teach in Ukraine

Teaching ESL in Ukraine usually requires a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, as well as a Bachelor’s degree. The process to apply for a work permit – followed by a visa – can be lengthy, and educators will need to demonstrate their qualifications in order to be approved to legally work in Ukraine.

In order to teach in Ukraine’s private international schools, applicants will need a valid government-issued teaching license in their home state or country. Requirements vary by school, but most will require at least 2 years of full-time experience at the relevant grade and subject level.

Teach in Ukraine

Living in Ukraine

Ukrainians are known for being generous and welcoming, and foreigners who live in Ukraine find that they are usually greeted with warm hospitality.

Cost of living in Ukraine

Ukraine is an inexpensive place to live, and teachers’ salaries can go a long way. Many schools will provide or subsidize accommodation, but even if that is not the case, housing is usually very affordable compared to other places in Europe. Other necessities, such as food and transportation, are also inexpensive.

Housing for teachers in Ukraine

Some schools in Ukraine will offer teachers a housing subsidy, which is usually enough to cover the cost of accommodation. Apartments in Ukraine are generally basic but comfortable.

Teach in Ukraine

Traveling in Ukraine

Things to do in Ukraine

Although Ukrainian is the official language, most people also speak Russian, particularly in the east and south of the country. Knowledge of English has become more common among younger people and will usually be spoken in major hotels and tourist destinations, but it is not widely spoken amongst people from older generations.

If you are in Kyiv, take time to admire the city’s beautiful architectural sites, including St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the city’s oldest remaining church. In the summer, residents often spend their days in the city parks and the beaches of the Dnipro River. Outside of Kyiv, many cities along the Black Sea coastline are popular places to visit, including the old city of Odesa.

Some of Ukraine’s most popular dishes include borscht (a soup made of meat and beets), varenyky (dumplings stuffed with potatoes, meat, vegetables, or fruits), and a variety of delicious baked goods. When in Ukraine, enjoy a hearty meal with strong spirits and good company!

Teach in Ukraine

TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Many private schools in Ukraine require applicants to possess a TEFL certificate. The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online Certificate can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top Ukrainian private school positions.
TEFL Online Course

Teach and live in Ukraine

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Ukraine at a glance

Country information

Capital: Kiev

Language: Ukrainian

Population: 44 million

Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia

Government: Semi-presidential republic

Quick facts

The largest country in Europe, Ukraine shares borders with Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia and the Black Sea.

Ukraine is home to a total of seven Unesco World Heritage sites, including the 11th century Saint-Sophia Cathedral in the capital city, Kiev.

The city of Lviv, Ukraine, boasts the most cafes in the world per capita.

Ukraine officially gained independence on August 24, 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In 1720, Ukraine created the first constitution in the modern world.

The founders of Whatsapp and Paypal were both born in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukraine has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, at 99.7%.