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1st/2nd Grade Generalist, ESL Immersion - Faro de Cabrera - Dominican Republic

Seeking a 1st/2nd Grade Generalist for an immediate start.


Class size: 10-12 students
Students’ English Proficiency: students enter with little to no English foundation
Teacher’s Spanish Proficiency: This is an English immersion classroom, but some level of Spanish proficiency is required
Curriculum: Generalist teachers cover the typical material (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) as well as integrate creative arts, life skills, and project based learning. We provide the standards and programs, but you will have the freedom and flexibility to use the materials to teach in the way you see fit. Curriculum/Classroom prep is done as a team during the month of August.

7:45am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday, 7:45am-3:00pm Fridays

  • Participation in school sanctioned extracurricular activities, service projects, and fundraisers
  • Prepare lessons in accordance to the standards and curriculum maps provided by Faro
  • Prepare and maintain IEP's for students with necessary accomodations


Cabrera has a small town feel but with a very diverse population of both Dominicans as well as seasonal foreigners. There are various amenities such as parks, public transportation, farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants, clinics, and pharmacies right here in town, and we are located between two larger cities. The vibrant community and beautiful surroundings also make everyday seems like the perfect getaway. The local attractions include numerous beaches, lagoons, and rivers, but the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture is the most rewarding part of living here. In the past, our teachers have participated in youth groups, humane society projects, community recycling/clean-ups, and fine arts workshops and camps.

Posted: September 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Cabrera, Dominican Republic
September 2018
11 months
Licensed Teacher, ESL Instructor
Early Childhood, Elementary
USD 500 - 600

Job Benefits

Monthly bonuses of US$ 100 are available for teachers who create and implement community outreach projects that connect back to the classroom or project based lessons that connect content to the outside world.  An extra stipend is also available for teachers who are also willing/able to cover physical education classes and sports.

In addition to your salary, Faro provides health insurance, a bank account, transportation upon arrival to the country, and support in looking for housing.

Qualifications and Requirements