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Middle and High School Girls Principal

International Programs School
Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia
US 5214 - 7619 a month
Fully furnished housing
Fixed Allowance paid annually
Start date
Start August 2022
2 years
  • Middle School, High School
  • Director/Principal
  • Master
  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • Education
  • Other Certification
  • Licensed Principal
  • Online University degrees are not accepted
  • Female required
  • Maximum age 45
  • Fixed Allowance paid annually
  • Fully furnished housing
  • Health Insurance
  • Car provided for local transportation
  • IPS Tuitions for school age dependents
  • Shipping allowance


  • To commit time and leadership for the successful implementation of the School’s Board-approved Strategic Plan.
  • To ensure successful implementation of the IPS school mission, beliefs and profile.
  • To ensure that all teachers and support staff have a clear understanding of their performance expectations (i.e. job descriptions and faculty handbook); to support faculty in the shared vision of learning and action.
  • To establish a willingness to be a mentor to all faculty as well as encouraging their professional growth and career advancement.
  • To seek management harmony for a common purpose towards consensus goals in the school’s decision-making process.
  • Follow the school performance evaluation system
  • To communicate effectively with students, faculty, parents, colleagues and in the community (i.e. verbal, nonverbal and written communication), and to seek the involvement of faculty and parents in a wide variety of school activities.
  • Takes initiative to inspire and to develop professional development opportunities for all staff tied to programmatic, curricular, and/or objective-based initiatives.
  • Leads and collaborates directly with the Curriculum Coordinator on issues of curriculum development.
  • Assists all program coordinators PYP, IBDP, Arabic, and others) with program implementation.
  • Advises the Head of School on annual recruiting needs and participates fully in the hiring of new faculty.
  • Leads coordinators to ensure programme adherence and vertical and horizontal curriculum articulation and alignment.
  • Upholds and recommends policies and procedures that have an impact for the whole school.
  • To create an efficient, productive and caring building culture where all students (and faculty) have the opportunity to be recognized for their best efforts. 
  • To ensure that all of the school’s resources are identified and being used to serve students and faculty members alike; help both to reach their full performance potential. 
  • To be able to successfully manage the parent and faculty political pressures that come with the assignment; the political dynamics of a parent-elected Board of Directors. 
  • To assume the responsibility for sound financial management including accurate program budget planning and fiscal accountability. 
  • To have a personal commitment to seek constant professional learning and professional growth; to also be a life-long learner. 
  • To accept the importance and necessity of attending after-school student activity programs and parent events. 
  • To willingly take on all responsibility for the “mechanics” of the assignment; activities such as building a master class schedule, accurate record keeping, office accounting, etc. 
  • To be a willing and active participant in committee work and group program discussions. 
  • To carefully review all student admission applications in accordance with policies established by the Board and policy implementing regulations. 
  • To establish annual work objectives that are consistent with the School’s Strategic Plan and accepted program direction. 
  • To perform other activities as might be required for the general welfare of the school and/or as requested by the Head of School.
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

The International Programs School in Al Khobar opened in 2000 with 19 students. To date, the school has an enrollment of more than 790 students representing over 35 different nationalities. IPS is a dynamic, gender-segregated, international school in KSA offering a North American curriculum. We are accredited by MSA and authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Our faculty is a mix of certified teachers from English-speaking countries and Arabic teachers from the Middle East. Our core courses of study are aligned with North American standards and we pride ourselves in providing a top-quality classroom environment for our students.

IPS is an IB World School offering the Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Diploma Program (DP).

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

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