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Middle School or High School English Teacher

Middle school or high school English teaching opportunity (not ESL, this is English literature, grammer, composition, speaking).  Teaching load can be tailored to the talents of the successful candidate. 

Excellent opportunity to live in a large city (3 to 6 million) where English speaking foreigners are welcome.  Competetive salary with a very low cost of living. This is an excellent opportunity for a first time visitor to Asia to learn the Chinese language and culture while saving more money than is possible in the United States.  

Posted: January 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Yantai, China
August 2019
10 Months
Licensed Teacher
Middle School, High School
USD 3000 - 4000

Job Benefits

  • $1700 annual travel allowance
  • $530 monthly housing allowance (with average apartments around the $400 a month range)
  • Health Insurance
  • $500 moving allowance
  • Complete support from Chinese nationals for travel, moving, daily liviing (Speaking Chinese is not a requirement)
  • Very low cost of living (possible to eat in a restaurant for under $2 a meal)

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
  • Native English speaker
  • Licensed to teach English