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teaching jobs abroad

An integral part of the hiring process among many of our postings is the in-person interview. These interviews occur following candidate success at the pre-screening interview stage. In-person interviews happen in cities all over the globe when overseas hiring organizations meet with potential candidates. Teach Away in-person interviews are set to take place in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.


In most cases where the applicant chooses not to go to their interview, it’s because of travel time and cost to get to the city where the interviews are being hosted. What these candidates need to realize is that they have a high likelihood of being hired. This reason, among others, makes my list of reasons you should think twice before passing on your Teach Away in-person interview.


1. Your chances of being hired are probably a lot better than you think.


On average, nearly three of every four in-person interview attendees are hired. With a 65-75% hiring rate from these interviews, you’ve got a good chance of landing the position, but you have to show up.


2. A large proportion of Teach Away’s annual placed teachers are hired from in-person interviews in January, February and March.


These are the busy months when schools overseas hire thousands of teachers based on in-person interviews.

3. You’ll meet a Teach Away representative in person and receive expert advice.


In-person interviews provide the opportunity to get last-minute interview tips and to have your questions and concerns addressed by a knowledgeable and experienced Teach Away representative.

4. Not all in-person interviews are far away.


We know it might not be tangible for all candidates to pay for a flight across the country in order to attend an interview. If you can’t afford a flight and/or time off work, keep your eyes peeled for job postings with in-person interviews closer to you or consider alternatives to flying. Here are some job postings with upcoming in-person interviews you can apply for:



5. You’re not going to get a better chance to get close to the school you applied to.


If representatives from a hiring body overseas are in your country, even if it’s not the closest city to you, you’re not going to have a better opportunity to learn about the organization. Attending your in-person interview is the next best thing to actually visiting the school.


6. You could meet program directors and school principals.


Different schools and education organizations operate in their own ways when it comes to how they manage their presence at in-person interviews. Depending on the position you’ve applied for, your Teach Away in-person interview could provide the opportunity to meet and speak with very important and knowledgeable decision makers. Make an impression and gain valuable insight.  

7. You’ll get to meet potential teaching colleagues.


Being around candidates for positions in the same school or organization that you’ve applied to is a thrilling opportunity. It serves as your first taste of the other educators you could potentially be working alongside in the future.

8. Your Teach Away Placement Coordinator works hard to prepare you for your interview.


Some candidates may choose not to attend their interview due to fear of under preparation but the truth is that if you want to be successful, you have a Teach Away Placement Coordinator here to help you every step of the way. Not being ready doesn’t need to be an excuse.

9. Sharpen your interview skills.


In order to continue growing your career and developing as an educator, it’s essential to continually improve your interviewing ability. Whether or not your in-person interview results in a new position overseas, it will always provide an invaluable opportunity to get better at interviewing.


In-person interviews are underway and many more are fast approaching. Apply for Teach Away positions from the job board so you don’t miss out on these amazing career opportunities – positions with upcoming in-person interviews will indicate in the job posting.

[PLEASE NOTE: In-person interviews are by invitation only. Candidates must be invited by a Teach Away Placement Coordinator and should not book flights, other transportation, or hospitality prior to receiving confirmation of interview date and location from Teach Away.]


teaching jobs abroad

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