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Before the pandemic, the chance to teach in Africa was one of the most sought-after teaching abroad opportunities alongside Dubai, China, Japan, and other countries around the globe. 

Thanks to its rich culture, warm temperatures, and diverse opportunities to work in unique international schools, Africa has much to offer adventure-seekers looking to teach abroad

As we look ahead to a brighter future and leave behind the hard road we’ve all traveled this past year, Teach Away is thrilled to announce a renewed and strengthened partnership with the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA).

This year, our partnership will include an expanded opportunity to support one of AISA’s most cherished programs, the Small Schools Initiative. 

According to AISA Executive Director, Peter Bateman: “AISA’s partnership with Teach Away presents us with a significant opportunity to help ensure that the best teachers in the world have access to teaching posts in some of the most innovative and rewarding education settings in Africa.” 

Power in numbers: The strength of small schools in Africa

Since its inception in 1969, AISA has been on a mission to transform and improve student learning by celebrating excellence and innovation from Africa. 

According to AISA, the association has spent more than five decades developing and delivering strategic programs that support advance professional growth and good governance for educators, as well as strategic thinking and wellbeing for member schools around the continent. 

These members’ schools boast much diversity in both community, culture, environment, as well as size. 

AISA schools can be home to a number of students, from as few as 20 to as many as more than 1,000.

One of the most remarkable qualities about the smallest of these schools is their power to be nimble and leverage the deep connections they have with the communities around them. 

As such, small schools offer hyper-student-focused learning that is flexible and able to support the ever-changing needs of students and the communities. 

According to an article on their website, “small schools also have the potential to result in better education. With a high degree of understanding amongst those stakeholder groups, small schools can match or exceed larger schools in innovation.” 

The article also notes that “in a Harvard Business School study, small schools can move quickly and efficiently to respond to new ideas in teaching and learning, and responding to the changing needs of students and the context.” 

For teachers, this translates into a unique chance to take responsibility for the learning, development, and overall well-being of every student in a small school in a way not found anywhere else in the world. 

Looking ahead: A partnership rooted in digital innovation and values

As the quote by the ancient philosopher, Aristotle (found throughout the AISA website) suggests, “out of Africa, there is always something new.” 

The association is renowned for innovation in language learning and teaching. 

Part of this process has involved turning more heavily to online recruitment to support their many schools, particularly their Small Schools Initiative, and to find the best teacher and leader candidates for these schools. 

As one of the earliest adopters of a digital platform, Teach Away has always been a natural choice to support online teacher recruitment. 

Now, as we look ahead to what the international education space may look like in a post-pandemic world, Teach Away is excited to be able to support schools and associations like AISA, helping place qualified and amazing educators at the head of their classrooms. 

As Mr. Bateman notes about the partnership, “The recruitment tools that the heads of AISA’s Small Schools can now access through the Teach Away portal will assist them in showcasing the quality, vibrancy, and uniqueness of their schools to educators who seek teaching positions that are located in some of the most culturally diverse, interesting and beautiful places on earth. We look forward to a rewarding partnership for all involved.”

But recruitment technology is only one piece of the relationship. 

While Teach Away and AISA share an appreciation for innovation, we also have shared values. 

As one of its core values, the association believes that “being open to differences leads to knowledge and understanding.” 

Likewise, two of Teach Away’s core values are to embrace diversity and to create change through education. 

Together, our two companies have the passion and resources to create tremendous opportunities for teachers to leave an impact and to ensure every student in Africa has the chance to experience the power of a great teacher and school. 

As more and more intrepid teachers begin to feel the promise of borders opening and planes flying once again, Teach Away is excited to post meaningful job opportunities for teaching in Africa in the coming months. 

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