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2020  - Best places to Teach english abroad

With a new year comes a new chance for you to finally turn your dreams of teaching English abroad into a reality!

You may have been contemplating moving overseas for a while. Now that you’re committed to going, you still haven’t settled on where to go.

Figuring out where to go when uprooting your life is, understandably, one of the hardest and most important decisions to make while planning your new adventure. There are simply so many options and different factors to consider, such as income, budget, location and culture, just to name a few. So, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Luckily the Teach Away team is here to make that tough decision a little easier for you! Last year we rounded up the top countries to make the most money teaching abroad. This year we’re listing the best places to teach abroad in 2020 based on where you can earn the most and where you have the best chance of getting hired abroad.

Let’s dig in and break down the top countries to teach abroad this year!

Girl looking at mountains - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach in China – Earn up to $3830 USD

It’s no surprise that China tops this list since it offers some of the best ESL teaching opportunities. With over 300 million English language students, the demand for English teachers is growing fast.

On top of the lucrative pay of up to $3,830 USD per month, teaching jobs in China also offer competitive benefits, paid vacation, free flights to and from China, as well as help with housing. 

With a relatively low cost of living, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable standard of living, save money,  travel and also have plenty of fun in your free time. 

And who doesn’t want to indulge in one of the world’s most diverse, vibrant and interesting cultures? China has it all!

Want to teach in China? Teach Away’s Explore Program only requires a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification. Check out the Explore ESL Job for all job openings and details. 

Photo of China Landscape - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach in Japan – Earn up to $2400 USD

As a top teaching destination, Japan has so much to offer. From ESL and licensed teaching opportunities, to specialized teaching English jobs for young learners, teaching in Japan, is a great opportunity for everyone from new to very experienced teachers.

Full of incredible culture, food, sites and experiences, Japan tops the ranks of teaching abroad destinations because of all it has to offer and its growing population of keen English learners!

Most teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification, such as a TEFL certification, is often preferred but not required.

There are usually two options for those looking to teach English In Japan: the ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) teaching jobs within the public school system or teaching jobs as private language schools or institutes (more commonly known as English conversation schools or Eikaiwas).

Sound like the right place for you? Get started today by checking out our current vacancies in Japan:


Photo of Tourist in Japan - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach in Taiwan – Earn up to $2700 USD

Taiwan is a place of wonder and opportunity with its lively cities and spectacular sights. Whether you’re a city dweller who loves arts and culture or an outdoor enthusiast looking for mountains to scale, Taiwan has it all!

English teachers in Taiwan can make up to $2,700 per month. Most schools also offer performance bonuses, complimentary flights, vacation time, health benefits, and help with finding accommodations.

First-time teacher? Private schools in Taiwan encourage new teachers to apply and gain valuable experience in the classroom. It’s also worth noting that candidates are not required to have a TEFL/TESL certificate or have prior teaching experience.

Interested in teaching in Taiwan? There are endless teaching opportunities with the HESS International Educational Group. They’re currently looking to fill hundreds of vacancies for English (ESL) Teachers.

Taiwan scenery - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

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Teach in the United Arab Emirates – Earn up to $4100 USD

The United Arab Emirates is a top teaching destination for those looking to land licensed teaching jobs abroad. And it’s no surprise with a salary range up to a hefty $4,100 USD.  For example, a job Teaching in Dubai offers a compelling salary, competitive benefits package and the opportunity to live in a world-class city – tax-free!

Teach Away is always offering a variety of teaching jobs in Dubai, from Kindergarten and primary school to middle and secondary school.

Not to mention for those looking for something more education administration related, there are often jobs ranging from department and faculty head roles to vice-principal and principal positions. With so much variety to offer, teaching in the UAE continues to top the ranks of great places to teach abroad.

Apply to one of our vacancies for English Teachers with Emirates National Schools!

Girl in UAE by the water - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach in Kuwait – Earn up to $3500 USD

If going on fun desert adventures, shopping excursions and experiencing Arabic culture sounds good to you, then Kuwait is the perfect place!  If you’re a licensed teacher with classroom experience, we promise you Kuwait should be at the top of your job search hunt.

Teachers in Kuwait, depending on experience, can make up to $3,500 USD a month. Plus these jobs normally come with great benefits as well, including airfare, housing or an accommodation allowance and health insurance.

And as luck has it, American Creativity Academy has a few current ESL teaching job openings with August 2020 start dates.

Big city in Kuwait - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach in Saudi Arabia – Earn up to $3455 USD

If you’re really looking to shake things up, then why not head to one of the world’s wealthiest countries that also offers a unique cultural immersion experience? You’ll get to learn all about Middle Eastern and Islamic traditions and culture in a historically significant country.

Teaching in Saudi Arabia offers a comfortable lifestyle for teachers who can earn a salary of up to $3,455 USD per month. Plus, you don’t have to pay any income tax in Saudi Arabia! With that kind of tax-free income, you can enjoy a great standard of living and still be able to set aside some money for the future.

Not only will you be able to make a great income, but you will also be able to experience a country with surreal desert landscapes and natural scenery. Saudi Arabia is home to a diverse geographical landscape that includes desert plains, beautiful mountainous regions and many sunny beaches dotted along the coastline.

Want to teach in Saudi Arabia? Great! Because there are plenty of teaching opportunities available for ESL and Licensed Teachers at primary, middle school and secondary school levels.

Check out a few current job openings for English teachers and apply!

Saudi Arabia cityscape - Best Places to Teach English Abroad 2020

Teach anywhere in the world in 2020!

Teaching English overseas opens a whole world of possibilities. There is no better time than now to make your dreams of teaching abroad a reality. So get started this year and don’t wait any longer.

Once you’ve registered on Teach Away and have a completed profile, you’re set to start applying to jobs. One great option for seeing what’s available is applying to an online job fair. But don’t wait because spots are limited!

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