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As a British Teacher, what qualifications do I need to teach abroad?

Often times, we get questions from British teachers asking about their qualifications and whether they can transfer to teach abroad, since the certification process in the United Kingdom is a bit different from North America.

Depending on what experience you have, you could potentially teach anywhere in the world.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree:

With a Bachelor’s Degree, you could potentially qualify to teach ESL abroad in certain countries, such as China, Thailand, or Vietnam. Some positions may require an ESL certificate, such as TEFL Certification. However, if you are you looking to expand your options to places such as the Middle East, you will need to obtain more qualifications.

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I have a Qualified Teacher Status:

If you have obtained your QTS through either PGCE or Graduate Teacher Programme, you would be considered a “new teacher graduate”. With this credential, you could qualify to teach not only as an ESL Instructor, but with select programmes as well. Countries such as Qatar and Kuwait do welcome newly licensed teachers with the QTS under their belts.

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I am a Newly Qualified Teacher + have some teaching experience:

This qualification will give you the most options and enable you to teach virtually anywhere! Some countries will require a minimum of two to three years of teaching experience, and your one year induction should count towards this. This means you will need one to two more years of teaching experience for select programmes.

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Looking for leadership positions? Make sure you have your National Professional Qualification for Headteachers and be sure to double check the job requirements to see how many years of experience are required.

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