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Deciding between public schools & private schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi attracts professionals from the global education community to the region on a frequent basis; Teach Away helps thousands of teachers land exciting opportunities in Abu Dhabi every year. These opportunities include positions for highly experienced education leaders as well as positions for elementary school teachers with only a few years of teaching experience. All of these jobs are either at private schools or public schools. Understanding the benefits of employment at both private and public schools in Abu Dhabi will help educators make more informed decisions when pursuing teaching work in the Middle East.

Benefits of Teaching in Abu Dhabi Public Schools

  • Fantastic salaries and benefits
  • Be part of the UAE’s education reform – there are a lot of very excited teachers with the chance to help shape the new learning system in Abu Dhabi!
  • Lots of opportunity – Teach Away posts hundreds of vacancies in Abu Dhabi every year, reviews applications regularly, and interviews candidates for public school positions several times throughout the year
  • Join a very active and connected community of educators – teachers meet and converse prior to going abroad
  • Extensive support during arrival and departure, including massive orientation events during your first week abroad

Benefits of Teaching in Abu Dhabi Private Schools

  • Follow a familiar curriculum from your home country (private American international schools will follow a curriculum from or based on education in the United States)
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Interview directly with the specific school and hiring director or principal – teachers heading to Abu Dhabi private schools know exactly where they’re going (including the name of their school) and can connect with staff at their school before even arriving
  • Enjoy amazing resources and facilities at most private schools – amenities like gyms, computer labs, and theatres are common
  • Onboard with a thorough, fun, and very personal orientation program that might even include a trip to the desert to ride ATVs on the dunes!
  • Teach in a familiar environment to home in terms of structure, schedule, and students
  • Communicate clearly with parents, who are mostly English-speaking expats
  • Move and live with your family – in some cases children of teachers are offered schooling at the hiring private school


Both public and private schools in Abu Dhabi have a lot to offer their employees. When deciding between them, it’s all about finding which is the better fit for you. If you want to teach a familiar curriculum and to know exactly where you’ll be teaching before you fly overseas, then private schools are probably the better choice for you. If you’re looking to contribute to and experience a massive education reformation, then landing employment in an Abu Dhabi public school should be your priority.


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