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A Guide to Education Jobs in Egypt (with current Egypt job postings)

We recently posted a handful of certified teaching, administration, and other education jobs in Egypt with August 2016 start dates, so I gathered some helpful information for educators considering an Egyptian adventure. Whether you’re strongly considering applying for one of these summer 2016 positions or want to keep your eye on Egyptian placements in the future, the following information will prove to be very helpful… and it will probably make you want to leave for Egypt sooner than next August.

Jobs in Egypt

While the recent Egypt postings I mentioned above offer opportunities in International Baccalaureate schools in New Cairo City and Sheikh Zayed City, our listings often include jobs in both IB and private international schools in Cairo and Alexandria.

Elementary, middle, and secondary school teaching jobs in Egypt tend to be open to licensed teachers with at least 2 years of experience. Our new featured postings for New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed require a minimum of 3 years of experience in a relevant field.

ESL teaching opportunities for those without teaching licenses are rarely available. The majority of abroad teaching opportunities in Egypt are for licensed teachers and other education professionals, such as administrators, counselors, and librarians.



Salary and benefits

Education work in Egypt can be a profitable opportunity. Salaries range depending on qualifications and experience. Typically, leadership and administration offer higher salaries than teachers and other positions.

Teaching positions in Egypt offer a variety of benefits to licensed teachers. Private international schools usually provide the following incentives:

  • Round-trip flights
  • Accommodations
  • Utilities
  • Transportation to and from the school

IB positions offer packages more similar to the following:

  • Accommodation: Provided
  • Accommodation Details: Furnished Accommodation or Housing Allowance Provided
  • Airfare Reimbursement: Full
  • Airfare Description:Round trip airfare provided for teacher. School covers 50% of flights for school sponsored dependents (Under 18 years old)
  • Vacation: Vacation days and national holidays
  • Bonus:Retirement plan, coaching and extra curricular activities bonuses.
  • Health insurance Description: Provided for teacher and school sponsored dependents 
  • Relocation Allowance Provided: Yes
  • Relocation Allowance Description: Relocation allowance provided
  • Education Allowance Provided: Yes
  • Education Allowance Description: Tuition support for teacher’s dependents, 50% of tuition covered for up to two dependent children under the age of 18
  • Other Allowances: Transportation to and from school each school day

New Cairo City

Currently featured job postings in Egypt may send candidates to teach in New Cairo City.

New Cairo is a contemporary city that was planned shortly after the turn of the millennium and is still being built today. New Cairo helps Egypt’s capital handle its massive population and traffic. The Cairo suburb is home to a growing number of people, as well as increasing amenities, including shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants.

New Cairo sits to the east of Cairo, but is not to be confused with the new capital city, which is an even newer city being built further east from Cairo nearer to the Suez Canal.

A very popular tourist destination with its sights set on the future, New Cairo is a modern and youthful city. It would make a great home – long or short term – for any teacher looking for an exciting new experience overseas.

(Visit this page for info on Cairo and Alexandria)

Current featured job postings in Egypt

These are the new job postings I mentioned above. They’re great opportunities and are sure to get a lot of attention so make sure you apply soon.

High School English Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Counselor – ESOL Education – Egypt

Librarian – ESOL Education – Egypt

High School IB Drama Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

High School IB Art Teacher – ESOL Education – EgyptHigh School IB Science Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

High School IB Math Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

High School IB English Teacher – ESOL EducatioICT Elementary Teacher – ESOL Education – Egyptn – Egypt

Elementary Music Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

ICT Elementary Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Physical Education (PE) Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Elementary Art Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Kindergarten Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Early Childhood (Pre K) Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt

Elementary Teacher – ESOL Education – Egypt


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