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Passport to Teach Day 3: Qualifications

Do I need to be TEFL certified in order to teach overseas? What does it mean to be a licensed teacher? How many years of experience do I need to teach in the Middle East?

Teach Away has a vast sea of international job opportunities. Our job board has opportunities in countries all over the globe and in positions ranging from ESL instructors, to leadership, to specialized education roles. As a result, we get a lot of questions about what qualifications are needed to be considered for different placements.

Qualifications and TEFL certificates were today’s Passport to Teach themes of the day. 

Check out this infographic from the University of Toronto’s TEFL Online to get an idea of what today’s webinar was all about!

TEFL infographic with tefl logo.png

We’ll see you tomorrow for Get Ready to Ace Your Teacher Interview. Where else do the people interviewing you tell you how to get ready for your interview?

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