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esl teacher working at a private school in korea

Teach Away has partnered with the best and most reputable private language schools in South Korea. Each school offers exceptional benefits and working conditions for teachers.

  • Maple Bear Global Schools
  • Avalon English School
  • Chung Dahm Learning
  • GDA Junior
  • i-Garten
  • DYB Language School
  • Korea POLY School
  • TOPIA Academy

Maple Bear Global Schools

Maple Bear is a Canadian international school with locations worldwide. Maple Bear works with a child-focused curriculum, stressing the importance of the development of each child. The school sets itself apart from its Korean counterparts by teaching students to be self-sufficient learners rather than focusing solely on examination results.

Maple Bear schools use Canadian methodology and curriculum to provide the highest quality of education to children around the world. Teach Away is the exclusive recruitment partner for Maple Bear Global Schools. Interested educators can apply to teach at Maple Bear schools in Korea through Teach Away’s application portal.


i-Garten is the newest of Creverse’s three programs, and is a kindergarten and elementary program designed for students to enjoy learning while building key skills in English.

i-Garten focuses on integration, imagination and immersion. This approach to learning English consists of two stages. The first consists of primary reading, writing, listening and speaking activities to build ESL skills. The second helps students learn how to absorb content and output it through activities focused on creativity and imagination. i-Garten includes a key blended learning component where students develop skills on a topic by interacting in immersive games related to the material through Smart Boards and Virtual Reality. Additionally, i-Garten employs learning tablets and interactive projectors with touch sensors!

The integration of technology is not the only major differentiator that separates i-Garten from other Korean programs. Students are encouraged to appreciate imaginative and classic works so that they can learn how to  express their own thoughts and feelings through crafts, dramas, and other activities. Immersion simply means the sharing and exchange of other cultures and languages. To this end, using topics and curriculum from across the world, i-Garten students are motivated to think globally!

DYB Language Schools

DYB –Do Your Best- is a multi-campus English academy situated in and around Seoul. With 30 years of history and having grown year on year, we now have over 30 000 students and 1000 teachers and staff. Within each branch are Elementary and Middle school levels, each having different grades, covering grades 4-9. We have 11 campuses, non-franchised and centrally operated.

Avalon English School

This program is no longer offered.

AVALON is considered one of the most elite schools in Korea. In 2007, over 400 AVALON students were admitted to the most distinguished private High Schools.The majority of AVALON campuses are located in Gyeonggi Province including Bundang, Songpa, Mapo, and Seocho, and cater to elementary and middle school students.

The AVALON philosophy is that children are the building blocks of the nation’s future, and the AVALON curriculum centres around this principle.  High learning objectives are set in order to encourage each learner to prosper beyond their expectations.

Chung Dahm Learning

Chung Dahm Learning are ranked among the premier English language schools in Asia. Chung Dahm Learning creates its own texts, programs and resources to meet the individual needs of every student. Students at Chung Dahm Learning range from 6 to 18 years old.

Chung Dahm Learning has a reputation for providing some of the most lucrative employment packages for their teachers. With over 550 native English-speaking teachers and 60 locations throughout South Korea, Chung Dahm Learnings is a popular choice for many teachers.  Today, Chung Dahm Learning has over 30,000 students.

Launched in September 2007, CDI April Institute helps elementary school learners develop communicative competence through intrinsic motivation and immersion. Leveraging education-based technology tools such as automated speech recognition and e-learning systems, students can improve their expressive skills and logical thinking abilities via experiential learning.  CDI April teaching positions are available throughout the year.

Read more about teaching in the Chung Dahm Learning Schools

GDA Junior

This program is no longer offered.

GDA Junior is rated among the best Junior Schools in Korea. GDA schools are built for functionality and aesthetic appeal. All schools are outfitted like North American condominiums, with facilities like indoor pools, gyms and rooftop basketball courts.

GDA’s three branches are centrally owned and operated, which fosters a great working environment for teachers. Teachers receive excellent support and are provided with accommodations close to the school. Teaching at GDA allows teachers to develop and exercise their creative teaching side.

Kid’s College

This program is no longer offered.

KID’S COLLEGE is known as one of the best children’s institutes and a leader of early English education in Korea. Founded in 1991, KID’S COLLEGE has a main branch school located in Daechi-Dong, Seoul and has twenty-five additional branch schools across South Korea.

The curriculum and teaching environment at KID’S COLLEGE are based on North American principles: learning through experience rather than memorization. Teachers create their own creative lesson plans to meet the needs of their students.

Korea POLY School

This program is no longer offered.

Korea Poly School, also known as POLY, specializes in educating students that have lived abroad while nurturing those students who intend to live abroad.  For returnee students, being a part of the POLY family is their only link to their life in North America.  For non-returnee students, it is a glimpse of something outside their home country.  Teachers at POLY are given the opportunity to partake in the English education of these gifted students, and also help to shape their perspectives of the world.

TOPIA Academy

This program is no longer offered.

TOPIA Academy is a well-established and constantly growing English-learning institute in Korea. The TOPIA Group was founded in 1995 and has expanded steadily. Now with over 10,000 students attending several campuses spread across Seoul, TOPIA opens up additional campuses every year. TOPIA schools offer classes for students in grades 1 through 6.

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