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Tips for last minute Teach Away applications

If you’re submitting an application for a teaching job abroad that begins in just a couple of months, or even sooner, you can increase your chances of a successful placement by taking into account the following.

1. Make yourself available

Before you can be considered for any one of our teaching roles overseas, all candidates must go through a thorough screening and interview process. We may need to set up phone or Skype interviews at short notice, so ensure we can contact you. Reliable responses and good communication from candidates shows us that they’re taking their application seriously. Above all, it’s essential that you’re certain that you can commit to the start date of your potential contract.

2. Research

Initially, the idea of setting off for a new life in the Middle East or other region may sound fantastic. However, every country has a very different culture and the way you’ll be expected to behave may be unusual compared to what you’re used to. It’s important you know what to expect. Making sure you are well informed will help you to decide whether teaching abroad is the right choice for you and avoid any surprises later on in the process. There are hundreds of sites and blogs online, many written by expats, that can give an insight into life and teaching overseas.

3. Is the move abroad realistic?

How easily can you pack up your life at home? Do you have any important family commitments coming up that you just can’t miss? How about any dependents? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself before you continue.

4. Have the right documents

In order to teach abroad, you’ll need to secure a working visa for the country you plan to travel to. To obtain one, you’ll need to show proof of your qualifications and teacher certification, as well as hold a valid passport. Your passport will need to be valid for the full time of your contract. Passport applications can take months to process so make sure you have one that’s in date, otherwise you should apply for one immediately.

5. Complete your application

Submit your application only when it is 100% complete. Attach your most recent resume, upload your photo and provide the most accurate, up to date information.

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