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Top 3 places with high teacher salaries

Landing teaching jobs in the right places provides teachers with opportunities to save money, live slightly more lavishly than at home, or to travel on weekends while abroad. Of course, whether or not these things are possible relies heavily on salary. Below are the top three places Teach Away recommends if you’re a teacher seeking a job overseas and looking for the highest salary options.

1. Abu Dhabi

Teaching in Abu Dhabi is an extremely effective route to a high-paying teacher salary overseas. Educators with two or more years of teaching experience can expect a salary ranging from $3500-5500 USD per month if they’re fortunate enough to land a job in the right public school program. Private school positions pay in the $2400-4000 range. The more experience you have on your resume, the higher your salary could be.

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2.  Dubai

Teaching jobs in Dubai are private positions that usually pay between $2400 and $4000 depending on job specifics and the teacher’s previous experience. Teaching here is a unique cultural opportunity and a chance to enjoy an incredible lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates.

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3.  Kuwait

In Kuwait, teacher salaries are dependent on the hiring program; income can range from average to exceptional. If salary is what you’re after, job postings in Kuwait are always worth checking out – it’s just important that you note the salary on each posting and look into the hiring program to make sure the position would in fact meet your salary goals.

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Head to the job board to find an open position with your goal salary and to see all the vacancies now available. Positions for 2016-2017 are up now with lots more to come in the next few weeks.

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