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Why teaching abroad is a great career move for any university grad

You’ve been to university and earned a bachelor’s degree, but you aren’t quite ready to commit to a decade of office work in the same city you grew up in. You want to add value to your resume, but can’t afford to dedicate your time to chalking up volunteer hours. You want to see the world, but know that a short-lived sightseeing tour overseas won’t quite cut it.  

Whether you’re a professional teacher or a recent graduate with a knack for the English language, teaching abroad is the most practical way to add instant value to your university degree and resume. Here are some reasons why teaching abroad is an awesome idea for a recent university graduate:

Gain international experience

Your studies have equipped you with a great set of skills that will be enhanced in a real-world environment. Your education has taught you to think critically about social issues – teaching overseas with Teach Away offers a fun and exciting way to develop your critical thinking and worldview by experiencing a whole new culture in the city of your choice. Imagine discussing German politics with local Berliners or learning about the ancient traditions and new-age technology of Tokyo, Japan.

Separate yourself from the competition

The percentage of people with undergraduate university degrees is always increasing. In the United States, nearly 50% of the population between ages 25 and 34 have a bachelor’s degree. In Canada, that number is even higher – about 60%. The percentage of educated people in all age brackets has increased significantly as well.

There are plenty of ways to stand out from the competition when applying for jobs at home, but adding employment experience from overseas can be effective – employers look for unique candidates who have challenged themselves in significant ways. Whether or not your long term career goals are in the sphere of education, being able to add that you have taught and lived in a foreign country will go a long way in helping advance your career.  

Don’t just teach a language, learn a new one yourself

Teaching abroad is also about learning. On top of the cultural knowledge you are sure to accumulate, teaching away offers the perfect opportunity to another language. Mastering a second language creates significant opportunities for young people. These could be future international employment opportunities or an awesome position at home that involves working with foreign clients. Learning a new language is no small task, but ask anyone who has a grip on more than one language and they’ll tell you that the best (and maybe only) way to really become fluent is to submerge yourself in living conditions where the people speak the language you want to learn.

Travel and advance your career at the same time

When the cap and gown come off and the real world is staring you right in the eye, there is a fairly standard set of options for what to do next: Do you head off to grad school and pursue your next degree? Do you quickly land that dream job and get to work? Or do you take some time off of the hard stuff and go travelling? Teach Away offers a wide range of teaching positions at a variety of institutions around the globe and provides the avenue to accomplish all of the above. With Teach Away you can advance your education through cultural submersion in a whole new city, earn a reliable steady income, and have fun travelling the world… all at the same time.

If you’re a recent graduate with a desire to travel and to teach, Teach Away might be your door to a wealth of international teaching opportunities. Teaching abroad isn’t for everyone, though –  you’ll have to be willing to adopt a new lifestyle and work a full a schedule in a city where the primary language might not be English.


Up for the challenge? Visit our Check out our job board to see current postings around the world. Or visit our University of Toronto TEFL page for info on how to get TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified.


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