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kuwait city skyline

Teaching abroad offers the experience of a lifetime.

Educators have the opportunity to broaden their skillsets, advance their careers, adopt global outlooks, and enjoy life overseas.

However, some teachers who entertain the idea of taking their careers abroad struggle with the idea of relocating to an unfamiliar school – it’s scary, it’s a big decision, and sometimes there are unknown details that teachers don’t find out until they’re already off the plane and committed to a position abroad.

Sometimes these details even include what specific school a teacher will be working at!

rooftop soccer field facilities at the american school of kuwait

If you’re an American licensed teacher who’s been hesitant to finally apply and commit to teaching abroad, then maybe seeing the facilities at the American United School of Kuwait (AUSK) will change your mind.

Unlike some of Teach Away’s other postings, our AUSK postings let you know exactly what school they’re for so teachers can research the school and see the facilities before they apply or head abroad. 

AUSK’s facilities opened their doors in 2013.

Currently, AUSK covers education programs from early childhood through middle school (grade 9), but there are plans to expand the school to include education for students through high school grades as well. AUSK is a technology-focused school seeking innovative American educators to teach American curricula.

From impressive learning spaces to world-class sporting, the facilities at the American United School of Kuwait have it all.

This video offers some further insight about AUSK from teachers, administrators, parents, and students:

Salary and benefits

American United School of Kuwait salary and benefits
Start dates August 2016
Student level Primary; Secondary
Salary Kuwait: $2,800-4,800 USD/month depending on experience
Airfare 1 round-trip flight per year for teacher and all dependents
Accommodation A furnished 2-3 bedroom apartment is provided for the teacher and their family
Vacation All national holidays and summer holidays
Health insurance Provided for teacher and all authorized dependents.
Education allowance 100% tuition support for teachers’ dependents
Visa Provided

Job postings at the American United School of Kuwait

MS ELA Teacher

ES Intervention Specialist 

K-12 Instructional Coach

MS/HS French Teacher

MS/HS Culinary Arts Teacher

Elementary School Guidance Counselor

MS Technology Teacher

MS/HS Spanish Teacher

HS ELA Teacher

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Elementary Teachers

MS/HS French Teacher

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