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teacher speaking with two students

Teachers provide guidance for students to excel in their studies and in life. 

The role of a teacher is fundamental and powerful. It’s one of the few professions whose sole purpose is to shape and develop the minds of naturally inquisitive students.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that teachers ask simply to be compensated fairly for the work that they do. 

The reality is, if the wages are low, a teacher is more likely to leave their job for other opportunities. 

Teach Away and ISCHR (International School of Human Resources Association) ran a successful recruitment workshop where we discussed the question, ‘is your teacher compensation competitive for today’s market?’ in depth. 

How to retain your talent pool of teachers was one of the key topics of discussion.

Competitive compensation aligned with the cost of living in the teacher’s city is a major factor. Job satisfaction is guaranteed to improve when teachers feel that their value is being appreciated and financially rewarded. 

When the overall quality of living is elevated for the teacher, they will also have more time and energy to spare towards improving their craft and performance.

This helps to ensure the long-term success of the students in their classrooms. 

Company morale will rise within the school, as teachers will feel more at ease being able to afford a comfortable way of life outside of work. 

Chris Marshall, CEO at ISCHR, and Lloyd Ffrench, Director of Sales for Teach Away discuss the shifting international education landscape and how to attract and retain top teaching talent in 2022.

Chris and Lloyd dive right into data-driven insights and expert advice based on 25 years of industry experience and feedback from international teaching candidates and school leaders from around the world. 

In the following article, we have laid out the key points discussed during the workshop.

  1. How to maximize the return on your recruitment investment
  2. How to attract the top teaching talent to your school
  3. Why recruitment diversity is beneficial for international education
  4. How to benchmark and ensure your teacher compensation package remains competitive in the current school climate

1. How to maximize the return on your recruitment investment in 2022

The global pandemic has sped up an already strong trend of candidates moving to digital jobs, and the market for teachers has been booming. 

But in order to retain teachers and maximize the return, schools must have a robust online recruitment strategy that is clear and consistent. 

How does the job description read? Is it catchy enough to get noticed by prospective applicants? 

The preliminary recruitment process is crucial to helping you attract the top talent. 

Once you hire the right teachers to fill a role, you want to ensure that you maximize the return on your recruitment investment. 

This is where understanding the recruitment market in greater detail is essential, as it will bring in the right candidates. 

2. How to attract the top teaching talent to your school

Understanding how to attract the top teaching talent to your school will ensure that your teachers stick around for years to come. 

So, what are the best strategies and practices, and why might your school be struggling to hire these candidates? 

Offering the right compensation is a major contributing factor. 

What are the salary expectations of teachers in today’s market? When you put in hours of time interviewing a candidate and you reach the point of a job offer, can you be sure that the person will accept it? 

The way that the school and finances are structured is an important part of the teacher retention package. 

It requires a mix of research and understanding so that you can deliver a package that is guaranteed to be accepted and succeed. 

Two questions to consider are:

  1. What are the living costs in the existing region? 
  2. Who are your competitors and what do they offer? 

In addition to finances, what are the additional perks that are being offered?

Take a look beyond salary and accommodation, going into health insurance, gym memberships, courses, social events, and so much more. 

Of course, make sure that you follow through on all promises that are offered in a contract. 

Offering continued professional development and opportunities for wellness is as important as the standardized offers of a yearly salary.

What is the experience that a prospective teacher will get from working with your school? Consider the professional and personal development of a teacher that would be working there. 

Are there opportunities for growth and leadership opportunities down the line? 

All of these elements will play into the decision-making process of a teacher, and whether or not they will wish to work with a particular school. 

It’s then up to the school to remain consistent and deliver on their promises, ensuring that teachers choose to renew their contracts and build a long-term future within this community. 

Invest in your staff and your school will gain a reputation for it, acting as a magnet for top talent in the field. 

3. Why recruitment diversity is beneficial for international education

Diverse faculties will also improve student engagement and retention.

It boosts academic achievement, reduces discrimination, and raises cultural awareness for everyone, ensuring a more unified global understanding of life. 

That is why it is highly recommended to adopt a diverse hiring strategy. This will protect your school’s reputation and reflect the real world, which is rich in diversity, culture, and stories. 

Are your candidates from different backgrounds, nationalities, and demographics? 

As an international school, one of the experiences you offer students and faculty is an international mindset. In order to achieve this, diversity is key

4. How to benchmark and ensure your teacher compensation package remains competitive in the current school climate

Do you understand the general expectations, as they stand today, for teachers looking to get employed in your region? 

Teacher compensation is important, and you can benchmark against other schools to ensure that you have a competitive advantage and attract the best teachers to your school.

Set up the right structures in place so that your school is financially sound, and invest in your recruitment strategy. 

Good recruitment is key to success. 

Retain your teachers in 2022 and beyond 

Teachers are life-long learners that share their wisdom and knowledge with students, so they too can excel in life. 

COVID-19 has proven that teaching is a recession-proof career option, as the need for qualified teachers continues to grow, with more schools and students needing support. 

In order to retain quality teachers and set students up for success, it’s crucial that the teacher compensation offered is competitive in today’s market. 

Doing so will dramatically improve the performance, happiness, and dedication of the teachers you hire. 

To discover more about this topic, view the Teach Away and ISCHR workshop. Visit ISCHR to learn more about the latest initiatives in international education human resources.

Contact Information:

Lloyd Ffrench, Director of Sales, Teach Away

Chris Marshall, CEO, ISCHR