BCS Sino-U.S. Dual Diploma Program

Balboa City School works closely with cooperating schools abroad to allow international high school students to register with a program offering a dual-country education. Students must meet all academic requirements in order to receive a diploma from each school.


  • Designed to work within the student’s current high school program
  • Integrates TOEFL & SAT preparation into the high school course curriculum
  • All courses conducted using American high school textbooks aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • College preparatory curriculum
  • Students’ grades are evaluated using the most advanced grading and student evaluation system, ensuring that all students are assessed in the best way possible
  • Successfully helps high school students attend his/her dream university in the U.S.
  • Balboa City School provides dual diploma schools with an excellent support team
  • All students receive the letters of recommendation that are required by U.S. university applicants
  • Students are given many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities

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