The Charter Schools of Excellence™ are a network of independent public charter schools under the governance of the Charter Schools of Excellence, Inc., a non-profit organization.

The first Charter Schools of Excellence™ was established in 1997 in Fort Lauderdale. This successful award-winning school became the model for additional Charter Schools of Excellence™ established between 2008 and 2009 at three additional locations, Davie, Tamarac and Riverland.

Our Mission

The mission of the Charter Schools of Excellence™ is to prepare students to be successful in their continuing education, to create positive learning habits and work habits, to prepare students to be successful in their careers, to teach students to be responsible and informed citizens, to teach students to communicate effectively, and to create a basis for a desire for lifelong learning.

A Value-Centered School Community

Our school communities focus on core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, discipline, integrity, responsibility, trust, and citizenship. These values are reflected in every aspect of our school's operations. We expect our administration, teachers and staff to model these values and our students and parents to aspire to them.

Vision Statement

We will lead the Florida public schools in the standard for educational quality. The core values of honesty, respect, tolerance, fairness, self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, citizenship, work ethic, and trust is the foundation upon which our school is built.

Students will take pride in their school and will respect the dedicated teachers and staff who commit their lives to education.

Students will hold themselves to high standards of achievement and academic excellence. They will be grateful for the privilege of receiving an education and they will strive, to the best of their ability, to accomplish their educational goals. All students will have an equal opportunity to receive a quality education.

Parents will have the right to participate and will be encouraged and expected to get involved in their school, including the governance of their school. Parents will support the teachers and the administration of the school and will follow through at home to make certain their children live up to their school commitments and obligations. Our school will respect the diverse cultures and faiths of parents and students and our school will be a place of tolerance and understanding.

Academic standards will be high and all students will have a personal education and goal plan to ensure direction and encouragement along a path that allows them to become the best they can be. All students will be proficient in the core essentials of learning and will be prepared to be successful in their continuing education, in their chosen careers, and as productive citizens of the United States.

The faculty and staff of our school will be competent and caring professionals who will work as teams to teach, coach, and motivate students to learn. They will continuously strive to increase their skills, to be proficient in the latest educational technologies and to be outstanding role models for students. The faculty and staff will be mentors and advisors to students and parents. They will be aware of the personal educational needs of each of their students. They will bear the responsibilities and live up to the high expectations of their profession and will take an active role in their communities and in their school.

The future of our country and our American way of life depends on the education of our children. In Florida, we must rise to the challenge and rebuild our public education system into a responsive institution that serves our students, our State and our Country with pride and distinction.

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