EFI Casablanca is a French International school with an international focus. The school is only in its 3rd year, but already we have nearly 1000 students between 3 and 14 years old, and more than 30 differents nationalities on site.

Our English teachers from around the world enable young learners to use English and guide them in discovering and understanding other English-speaking cultures. Currently, we use a combination of Cambridge and National Geographic English programs and work towards reaching linguistic objectives at each level, including the Cambridge YLE exams at the end of each school cycle (every 3 years). 

English teachers plan and conduct both 'English Only' classes in leveled groups, as well as co-teach certain subjects with our French classroom teachers in a bilingual environment.  We have also implemented a 50/50 program in our Pre-K classes (3-4 years old). 



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