Now in our 18th year, English Excel is a group of 13 British owned extra-curricular English Schools, (the only such group in Hong Kong) all located in central areas of Hong Kong. We focus on providing a high-quality, interactive, and encouraging learning environment for students between the ages of 3 and 16.  Teachers are recruited to work in one of the 13 schools as part of a team of native English speaking teachers. Classes are strongly geared towards oral interaction as well as reading and writing. Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students per class and so offer an ideal learning and teaching environment. 

We believe full immersion is an important method of language learning, and we encourage students to switch to ‘full English mode’ when they attend lessons. We focus on confidence-building and learning in a natural and positive way, suitable to the students’ capabilities and levels. The small class sizes allow teachers to get to know their students and their abilities really well, which enables us to tailor lessons to meet the individual needs of the students.Students are therefore placed according to their English level rather than their age. We don’t follow a set textbook and instead give teachers the flexibility to plan and prepare their own lessons, targeted to their students’ specific areas for improvement. To facilitate this tailored approach, teachers are provided with a huge variety of resources divided into different levels and skill areas. We aim to strike a balance, teaching engaging and interactive English lessons which can include crafts, outings and even simple cooking!

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