Background information Flipper International School (FIS) is a privately owned school accredited by the Ministry of Education as a “Foreign Investors’ School”. The School was founded in 1998 by Mr. Abiy Seifu, Ms. Menna Selamu and Ms. Serkaddis Seifu with the vision to provide a loving and stable learning environment for preschool age children. Through the years, FIS has acquired a good reputation and has become one of the most sought out preschools in Addis Ababa that prepares students for academic excellence. In 2010, to meet the growing educational demand in the capital city of Addis Ababa, FIS formed partnership with Schulze Global Investments (SGI), a private American investment firm, with a goal to establish FIS primary and secondary school. FIS is a vibrant and highly effective school that operates from three locations around Cazanchis, Beklobet and CMC-Summit. The school currently operates until Grade 5. To further expand its educational services until Grade 12, FIS has acquired 17,000 sqm of land in the CMC-Summit area to build an international standard school facility. School Vision To play a major role in the field of education by providing a broad and balanced curriculum that enables students to be independent learners with a great sense of community and high moral value. Core values Provide a secure and safe learning environment Provide a loving learning environment Provide a motivating, engaging and inclusive learning environment.

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