The Match Charter Public School is a high-performing, innovative charter public school in Boston, serving students from Pre-K to 12th grade on multiple campuses across the city.  Our mission is to prepare students from Boston’s inner city for success in college and beyond. Match Charter Public School students are some of the highest performing students in the state, and over 80% of our graduating seniors enter four year colleges every year (For more information on our results, please visit us at  

Our school has a unique model: Match students receive small group tutoring as part of our school day, every day. We also emphasize incredibly high expectations for all of our students – both behaviorally and academically – along with a high level of support for meeting those expectations. We truly believe all students can and will succeed.

All that said we know that the largest driver of our success is the people who work in our schools every day. Our school staff have an immediate impact on our ability of reaching our mission and changing the lives of our students. If you are passionate about teaching and learning, and interested in working in a positive environment alongside incredible peers, please apply for the opening below. 

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