Micro-language, founded in 2012, aims to build an open public service platform, which can offer professional, international education to Chinese people by breaking the limits of educational resources, time and geography.



Our workspace is another harmonious home for us. We preserve a vivid and motivating working atmosphere, holding the faith of being simple and efficient.


Our Team

We are a group who is extremely enthusiastic about language education. Elites from education, Internet technology,

e-commerce fields constitute this unique and outstanding team. We are pursuing a brighter

future through professionalism, efficient working and respect for education.


We redefine work and cooperation


We strive to create a three-sided mutual benefit community among students, teachers and schools by

sharing integrative resources with our Internet platform as our tool. This is an innovative combination of education

and the Internet, we are not only warmly welcoming overseas teachers to join us, but we will also do

our best to achieve cooperation with well-known overseas colleges and universities.


Seeking English Teachers


We are hiring online foreign teachers to teach English.

This is your chance to emerge yourself into Chinese Culture.


For University Institutions


We share resources, we share achievements. Cooperate

with our English teachers and students as academic consultants.

Latest Teaching Jobs

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