Ready to move to Sunny California? Ever dream of living in the perfect climate, 2 hours from the beach, 1 1/2 hours from South Lake Tahoe, 3 hours from Yosemite? We are looking for an energetic, creative, motivated teacher to work in our beautiful environment in the ideal setting. Opportunity Acres Independent Trails High School is a non-public school situated on a 56 acre working horse ranch! We serve high school students diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum targeting their unique needs while shaping them for an independent future. Our students receive both academic and vocational training surrounded by horses, sheep, goats, llamas and our mascot Moses the Donkey! Our students obtain a meaningful high school education that includes vocational training, job sampling, and critical independent living skills with a strong emphasis on communication and social skills training. Each student receives a comprehensive assessment in the first 30 days of placement to pinpoint strengths, interest, and needs. Individualized lesson plans are then developed to meet the unique needs of each student and address IEP goals as agreed upon by the team. Independent Trails will provide a safe educational environment with opportunities for smooth transition into adulthood. Our students work with animals, garden, cook, maintain the ranch and engage in recreational activities. In order to provide the best quality education, we will maintain only two classrooms with a maximum of 10 students per class. Curriculum is provided and monitored by a Credentialed Teacher with support from a Lead Instructional Assistant and 5 Instructional Assistants. So every classroom will have 7 clinical staff members for 10 students! Every minute of every day provides an opportunity to obtain critical like skills that will ultimately enhance the quality of life for every student.

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