Top English teaching jobs in Azerbaijan

Teaching in Azerbaijan

Options for teaching in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s private international schools hire educators of all levels, from Early Years teachers to subject teachers for international high schools. Because the demand for English has been growing in recent years, teaching English in Azerbaijan is also an option. Business English is in especially high demand as the country continues its rapid development.

Salary and benefits when teaching in Azerbaijan

Teachers in Azerbaijan will earn competitive salaries, which will vary according to the costs of living across the country. Salary packages in Azerbaijan typically include provided accommodation for teachers as well as health insurance.

Teach in Azerbaijan – Hiring

Hiring for teaching jobs in Azerbaijan occurs year-round. Teachers who are interested in teaching in Azerbaijan can create an online profile with Teach Away at any time to be eligible for upcoming job openings.

Teaching in Azerbaijan

What’s Needed to Teach in Azerbaijan

Qualifications needed to teach in Azerbaijan

Candidates wishing to teach in international schools must have a valid teaching license in their home country and are generally required to have at least two years of previous experience. In order to teach English in Azerbaijan, teachers may need a TESL/TEFL certificate, although this is not always a requirement. A Bachelor’s degree is needed in order to teach abroad in Azerbaijan.

Visas for teachers in Azerbaijan

Teachers must arrange to obtain a visa before entering Azerbaijan. Teach Away placement coordinators provide assistance through the visa application process, although teachers are ultimately responsible for their own visa application.

What's Needed to Teach in Azerbaijan

Living in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is changing rapidly, recognizing the importance of English to remain competitive in international trade. Open-minded teachers can enjoy the western cosmopolitan capital of Baku and explore traditional communities characterizing the countryside.

Cost of living in Azerbaijan

The cost of living in Azerbaijan varies widely from major cities to more remote areas. Salaries for teachers in Azerbaijan will vary accordingly. Though individual spending habits vary, and the country has undergone a period of rapid inflation, most teachers are able to live comfortably on their teaching salaries.

Housing for teachers in Azerbaijan

Many teaching jobs in Azerbaijan will provide accommodation for teachers as part of their salary and benefits package.

Living in Azerbaijan

Traveling in Azerbaijan

Things for teachers to do in Azerbaijan

Teachers living in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku will enjoy diverse restaurants and modern facilities. As in any city, teachers are encouraged to try the local cuisine, although those looking for variety will find anything from Irish pubs to Japanese fusion. The oil-rich city boasts modern skyscrapers and luxuries, but the core of the city is an ancient historical site. History buffs can explore towers and palaces dating back centuries. Azerbaijan’s urban areas, in particular, have large populations of expats, so teachers can develop a support network while living in the country. Teachers are nevertheless encouraged to get to know local Azerbaijanis, as their unique culture illustrates the importance of personal relationships, sincerity, and tradition.

Azerbaijan Travel

Traveling in Azerbaijan is a rewarding challenge for those interested in this dynamic, rapidly developing country. Azerbaijan defies classification – situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this fascinating nation is a mix of cultural influences. Expats in Azerbaijan will not want to miss out on the country’s historic sites and natural wonders. Azerbaijan is home to more than half of the world’s mud volcanoes and derives its name as the “land of fire” from the burning mountain, a hillside continuously engulfed in flames. The stunning Caucasus mountains provide breathtaking scenery. Visiting areas such as the picturesque shepherding village of Khinalug (Xinaliq) is easier than ever thanks to new roads. Travelers who visit Azerbaijan in the near future will be rewarded with an authentic experience before the region becomes overrun with tourists. The fact that Azerbaijan’s tourism industry is newly developing can be both difficult and gratifying. Traveling can be challenging, as infrastructure is not always well-developed, and few people outside of Baku speak much English. However, travelers who are up for the challenge will enjoy the authentic experience of exploring beautiful Azerbaijan.

Traveling in Azerbaijan

TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Many private schools in Azerbaijan require applicants to possess a TEFL certificate. The OISE University of Toronto TEFL Online Certificate can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top Azerbaijani private school positions.
TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Teaching jobs in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan at a glance

Country information

Capital: Baku

Language: Azerbaijani or Azeri

Population: 9.3 million

Currency: Manat

Government: Unitary presidential state

Quick facts

Azerbaijan's national drink is tea, often sweetened with jam.

Azerbaijan was the first largely muslim country to grant women the right to vote and partake in government.

Neft Dashlar is the first and largest town built on stilts.

The youngest International Chess Grand Master, Teymur Rajabov, was awarded the title at the age of 13.

All 8,350 rivers in Azerbaijan drain into the Caspian Sea.