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We’ve currently got some really exciting positions open in Saudi Arabia on the Teach Away job board, but you might need a bit more convincing. Read below for our top 5 reasons why Saudi Arabia is a great place to teach overseas!

Great travel opportunities around the Arabian Gulf

Because of its location, it’s very easy to travel between 3 continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia. Popular tourist locations like Egypt, Turkey, North Africa, the UAE, and Bahrain are very accessible from Saudi Arabia. For those teachers missing western comforts, Bahrain is totally doable for a weekend getaway from Riyadh. In Bahrain, you’ll find alcohol, nightlife, movie theaters, and women won’t have to wear an abaya.

Home sweet home

International teachers headed to Saudi Arabia will be offered expense-free accommodations in a complex that allows for teachers to interact and connect with other expats. Compounds also allow for relaxed interpretations of Saudi customs, so female teachers don’t have to cover up as much while strolling around with friends on a compound.

All compounds are different and some will be bigger than others, but some offer teachers patio space, yards, and multi-storey living arrangements. Though the accommodations come furnished, some teachers replace pieces with furniture that appeals to them more of feels cozier to them.

Money talks

The salaries in Saudi Arabia are very competitive. But many teachers will find the biggest bonus to be the fact that salaries are tax-free. Combine this with the fact that accommodations are paid for and benefits packages are pretty robust, you’ll soon see that you’ll either be able to save a great deal of your pay, or enjoy some pretty serious travel while teaching overseas.  

Affordable luxuries

Westerners may not be used to hiring housekeepers, a gardener, or a chef. Salaries just don’t typically allow for this kind of luxury back home. But in Saudi Arabia, hiring extra help to take a few extra chores of your hands is often times very reasonable.

One final word: Shawarma

Saudi Arabian cuisine is largely based on their people’s nomadic roots — typical dishes include vegetables, chicken, lamb, dates, and beans.

One very common dish you’re likely already familiar with: the shawarma (döner kebab in Turkish, or gyro in Greek), a wrap that typically includes some kind of shaved meat (never pork though as Saudi Arabia observes Muslim law) and topped with tahini, hummus, different chutneys and pickled turnip. Shawarmas are quick, easy, and super tasty.

For teachers looking for something that reminds them a bit more of home, many compounds have a variety of international restaurant options, including Italian, Chinese, French, and more typical American cuisine.

Ready to take a look at our available positions in Saudi Arabia? Head over the the Teach Away job board for a look!

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