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When completing their Teach Away profile, many teachers don’t include one of the most important things in finding employment overseas – their photo! Though it may seem out of the ordinary for North American teachers, including a photo with a resume or job application is standard practice in many countries overseas.

Your photo is often your first introduction to school partners. What would you like your photo to tell your potential employers about you? A good photo lets them know that you are serious about finding a position overseas, and would be a great fit for their school. Below are some tips for ensuring you are representing yourself in the best way possible.

  1. A clear shot of your head and shoulders – We should be able to see your smiling face and features. Your employers want to know what you look like, so make sure that the photo is taken at close enough range.  Also, take off those hats and sunglasses!
  2. Professional – No principal or administrator wants to see a potential teacher dressed inappropriately or holding a cocktail – save those photos for your friends on Facebook.  Your clothing choices and accessories should reflect what you would wear to a job interview. When in doubt, remember that many of our schools are in more conservative parts of the world. Err on the side of caution!
  3. You! – While we enjoy seeing “action” shots of teachers with their students, what our schools are most interested in is you: your personality, and what you look like. A photo of you (and only you) is best.
  4. Location, Location, Location – Ideally a photo with a light colored background is best – after all, the subject of the photo should be you, the teacher. If you have taken a photo with your mobile phone, remember that taking a quick shot while sitting in your car, or in your bathroom mirror at home, can show that you have not taken the time to get the best photo possible.
  5. Available – Often, your placement coordinators are not able to send your application to a potential employer until they have your photo. Having a photo uploaded to your Teach Away account, or sending through your photo as soon as it is requested, ensures that your application is sent through for review right away.

Your photo can tell your future employers a lot about you, so you want to project a friendly a professional image of yourself. Best of luck!

Kathryn Stewart is a Placement Coordinator at Teach Away Inc.

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