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Digital Literacy Q&A with Detra Price-Dennis of Teachers College, Columbia University [Video]

Among the most critical skills of our age are those competencies we need to fully participate in an increasingly digital world – otherwise known as digital literacy.


But what exactly is digital literacy, as it relates to the classroom? How can digital tools and technologies help us, as educators, teach our students more effectively? Are the digital natives in our classroom automatically more adept at using technology? What will our classrooms even look like in 50 years time?  


digital literacy lesson plan


Wondering what the answers to these burning digital literacy questions are? Us too!


We’ve talked before about the importance of preparing your students for the digital age, why international schools are so eager to hire digitally literate teachers – we’ve even covered how to teach your students to spot fake news and how digital skills differ from digital literacy. But we wanted to get back to some of the basics of why imparting the right digital literacy skills to your students is so fundamentally important.


That’s why we recently sat down with Detra Price-Dennis, Assistant Professor of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, an award-winning educator and the creator of Digital Learning in the K-8 Classroom, for an insightful Q&A session about all things digital literacy. Check out the quick, info-packed videos below!


digital literacy quiz


What is digital literacy?






How can technology help teachers reach students more effectively?






Do digital natives intuitively know how to use technology in the classroom?






What will our classrooms look like in 50 years time?




digital literacy course

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