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Passport to Teach Day 1: Getting started with Teach Away

With Monday under our belts, the first day of Teach Away’s career development week for teachers is underway. Passport to Teach kicked off today with a rundown of the basics: creating a Teach Away account, completing your profile, finding your dream job, and applying.

If you missed it, I’ve got you covered with a quick recap. Here are four key takeaways from our Takeoff: How to Get Started webinar:

  • Teach Away’s services are free for teachers, but in order to successfully land an interview and capture that dream job teachers need to complete a few application steps.

  • The steps that must be complete before you can be considered for an interview:

    • Create an account
    • Double check to make sure your profile is 100% complete
    • Apply for jobs!
  • Teach Away recruits educators of all levels of experience. We have positions all over the world for:
    • ESL Teachers
    • Certified Teachers
    • University and college professors
    • Principals and vice principals
    • Librarians
    • School counsellors
    • Curriculum specialists
    • And more!
  • Tips from our recruiters

    • Complete your profile
    • Only apply for jobs that you’re qualified for and interested in
    • Be flexible
    • Have realistic expectations – do your research!

If you’re craving more info on how to get started with Teach Away, we’ll be sending around the recorded webinar from today’s presentation at the end of the week. All you need to do is sign up for Passport to Teach to get the inside scoop and free content from today and the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, we’re talking resumes. Join us to learn how you can improve your resume and make it stand out to recruiters and hiring managers around the globe.

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