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Why can’t I see the name of the school a job is posted for? (with infographic)

Why can’t I see the name of the school a job is posted for?

Great question. I’m glad you asked.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the Teach Away job board is a dynamic and vast hub for professional education positions all over the map. Due to the changing nature of the board and the high number of schools and education organizations and councils we publish job postings for and/or partner with, we welcome unique posting preferences for different schools and organizations.

A portion of the vacancies advertised on the job board advertise positions directly handled by the hiring school itself. These schools publish the name of the school their opening applies to. Applicants find and apply for these positions using the Teach Away site, but interviews are conducted by the hiring body. Candidates for these direct-to-school postings won’t receive a Teach Away Placement Coordinator after submitting their applications.

Beyond direct-to-school postings, Teach Away has excellent relationships with a multitude of partners around the globe; these partners vary from massive education councils making decisions on behalf of large networks of schools to individual schools hiring solely for their classrooms. We work very closely with these partners to help them meet their goal of finding the best candidates for their vacancies. These schools and organizations each take a slightly different approach to using the services we have to offer. Some may opt to list the specific school, but the majority choose not to. 

But why?

Unlike direct-to-school postings, listings void of school-specific information have application reviews, pre-screening interviews, and preliminary interviews handled by Teach Away. In these cases, our services extend further into the application process. Keeping specific names of schools private is the hiring school’s way of ensuring that Teach Away is able to do a complete and thorough job through the initial stages of the application process.

In these cases where Teach Away has responsibilities requiring candidate interaction, each candidate is assigned a Teach Away Placement Coordinator (or PC). The PC will be able to pass along more information for applicants, including placement specifics.

So when will I get the name of the school?

I decided to answer this question with a flowchart infographic:

Our PCs are here to facilitate smooth and informative application and hiring processes for applicants and hiring managers. If you have been assigned a PC, he or she is the best resource available for any questions you might have.

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