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Introducing the Recruitment Ready Workshop Series

The Recruitment Ready Workshop Series is a comprehensive webinar series that equips school leaders and administrators with actionable strategies and insights to revolutionize their approach to teacher recruitment, retention, and professional development in 2024.

Navigating the International Recruitment Landscape

In the fast-paced world of international education, staying current with recruitment trends and strategies is essential for schools aiming to attract and retain top teaching talent. 

Teach Away’s newest webinar provides an overview of the current recruitment landscape.

For International School Landscape Overview, Lloyd Ffrench, VP of Sales at Teach Away, and expert with over 12 years of experience in International Education, offers valuable insights and practical tips for school leaders gleaned from our annual teacher survey, International Education Recruitment Report 2024

Let’s explore some key takeaways and strategies for recruitment leaders and school administrators covered during the overview, to stay ahead in the recruitment game.

Understanding the Data

Teach Away’s annual survey, the International Education Recruitment Report 2024, draws the responses from thousands of educators worldwide, forming the backbone of the series.

Our annual teacher survey tapped into the experiences and views of 6,687 educators worldwide, providing invaluable insights into the preferences and challenges faced by teachers in the international education sector. 

This robust dataset ensures that the strategies derived are not just theoretical but are grounded in the real-world experiences of educators.

What Drives Teacher Attrition and Career Shifts?

  • With over a quarter of teachers citing low salary as a reason for leaving, financial concerns significantly impact teacher retention and motivation. This further highlights the urgency for schools to address salary disparities to retain top talent and foster educator satisfaction.
  • A notable percentage of teachers express burnout as a factor influencing their decision to leave, attributing high stress levels and heavy workloads to dissatisfaction and attrition. In order to ensure teacher well-being and retention, it’s important to implement strategies to mitigate burnout.
  • The overwhelming majority of educators view professional development as essential for retention, emphasizing the need for growth opportunities to enhance job satisfaction. To foster educator growth and commitment, it’s essential to invest in ongoing learning and skill enhancement.
  • Nearly half of teachers have considered applying their skills in industries outside of education, driven by desires for new challenges or better financial prospects. To retain talent and sustain a motivated teaching workforce, it’s important to address these concerns proactively, such as offering competitive compensation packages and professional development opportunities.

What are the top factors to keep teachers in your school?

The presence of safe, healthy, sustainable working conditions, adequate support and staffing, adequate compensation, autonomy, and strong leadership are foundational elements crucial for fostering a positive and conducive educational environment.

Teachers prioritized the following factors in this order:

How can schools differentiate themselves in teacher recruitment?

Addressing the challenge of standing out in teacher recruitment necessitates a multifaceted approach. Emphasizing a comprehensive online presence allows schools to showcase their unique offerings and values to potential candidates. By highlighting professional development opportunities and positive school culture, institutions can attract educators seeking growth and a supportive environment.

Using recruitment software like Teach Away’s streamlines the process, ensuring effective outreach to a diverse pool of candidates, ultimately positioning schools as desirable destinations for top talent.

What recruitment methods can separate your school from the rest?

In a competitive market, the key to recruitment success lies in strategic differentiation. A comprehensive and digitally savvy approach enables schools to cut through the clutter and capture the attention of qualified candidates.

By prioritizing a strong online presence and crafting clear, detailed job postings, institutions can effectively communicate their values and opportunities to potential educators.

Emphasizing professional development and fostering a positive school culture further reinforces the school’s commitment to teacher growth and success, while leveraging modern recruitment software optimizes the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient candidate search.

How can schools enhance teacher wellness and job satisfaction?

  1. Prioritize addressing stress and mental health concerns.
  2. Foster positive relationships among staff and students.
  3. Provide continuous learning and professional development opportunities.

What are the most important factors in compensation packages for teachers?

What contributes to a positive teacher onboarding experience?

  • Welcoming and informative onboarding processes.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support.
  • School-based orientation, mentorship programs, and community integration training.

How can Teach Away support schools in recruiting and developing educators?

Teach Away stands as a beacon of empowerment for international schools seeking to cultivate excellence in education. 

With uncapped job ads and global access to qualified teaching candidates, schools can secure the best educators to enrich their learning environments. 

Furthermore, Teach Away’s commitment extends beyond recruitment, offering comprehensive teacher development and certification solutions to elevate teaching standards and enhance student outcomes. 

Through Skooli’s online tutoring programs, students gain immediate access to certified educators, fostering continuous learning and academic growth. 

Together, these initiatives epitomize Teach Away’s dedication to equipping schools with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Watch the first installment of our Recruitment Ready Workshop Series

Download the International Education Recruitment Report 2024. Find out when the next installment is out on our Recruitment Webinar Events page.