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Online tutoring support for your school

Provide your students with instant access to certified teachers through Skooli’s online tutoring programs.

Provide your students with instant access to certified teachers through Skooli’s online tutoring programs.

Dedicated tutoring with professional educators

Teach Away’s sister brand Skooli is accelerating learning and student success through dedicated, 1:1 online tutoring that is equitable, affordable, and scalable for schools.

Choose the online learning solution that works best for your students.

Introducing Skooli, Teach Away’s online tutoring platform. Skooli offers districts and schools an accessible, equitable solution to support all students, regardless of grade level, learning aptitude, and socioeconomic status.

We believe that every student should experience the power of a great teacher because we remember those teachers who made positive impacts on our lives.

We work with district officials to implement the program that is right for their students.

24/7 Drop-in Tutoring

On-demand help when it’s needed the most.

Flexible and convenient learning provides instant access to professional educators for handling urgent questions or challenges – inside or outside of the classroom.

High-dosage Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring enables tutors to focus on specific learning objectives and address areas where students may be struggling. It allows for targeted interventions to reinforce foundational concepts and fill knowledge gaps.

Give your students the support they need to reach their full potential.

Our flexible, equitable learning access can be curated to meet the unique needs of students everywhere.

The highest quality educators across all subjects

Skooli tutors are experienced educators who possess teaching licenses or advanced degrees in the subject they are tutoring, meaning students receive help from true subject-matter experts.

Safe and secure learning environment

Whether students need live, on-demand homework help, feedback on an assignment (in 24 hours or less), or scheduled high-dosage tutoring, Skooli tutors utilize best practices to meet each student’s unique learning needs.

An advanced, secure digital classroom

Skooli’s safe, user-friendly digital classroom accelerates student learning through the use of cutting-edge learning tools (including a 700+ math term glossary) and an interactive whiteboard.

Customizable tutoring programs for all students

Skooli is focused on student outcomes while minimizing waste and maximizing impact. Together, we’ll implement a tailored program that empowers every student to succeed.

Online tutoring you can trust.

Certified by ESSA and proudly partnered with PowerSchool.

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