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All of our single and multi-vacancy job posts include a 30-day listing on our high-traffic job board, with full access to our applicant tracking system and your pool of qualified candidates for 90 days.


One position in a single location


One position in a single location


Multiple vacancies with the same requirements, in one or more locations
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What's included?

Feature Basic
Job Post
Job Post
Job Post
Academic Year Subscription
for International Schools
Live on our high-traffic job board 30 days 30 days Custom Duration 1 year*
Access to our Applicant Tracking System
Featured Job Badge
Custom school landing page
Vacancy featured on the country page specific to your location
Number of open vacancies 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated account support
Job Posting 1 1 1 job posting, with the ability to promote multiple vacancies in one or more locations Unlimited
Access to your talent pool after job expires 60 days 60 days 60 days 1 year

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