Hire Teachers without limit

Hire teachers without limits

Spend less, hire more with our recruitment solutions.

Let your recruiting budget do more

Spend less per hire

Hire an unlimited number of teachers for one set price with no unexpected costs

Make ongoing hiring easier

Hire on demand by building your own talent pool of qualified candidates

Build your school’s brand

A custom web page for your school drives applications from informed candidates

Get dedicated support

Our team is here to make sure your hiring needs are met every step of the way

Transform how you hire

Everything you need to hire great teachers (and spend less time doing it) this year.

Applicant Tracking System

The modern way to recruit teachers

Spend less time on tedious hiring tasks and more time getting to know your next great teacher with our easy-to-use recruiting software.


Easily find and progress perfect-fit candidates


Take the guesswork out of recruiting


Seamlessly turn applicants into engaged new hires

One simple tool to post your jobs, screen applicants and schedule interviews with candidates. With all the hiring steps organized neatly in one place, you can easily move the right candidates forward to the next stage.

No more digging through emails to find that one snippet of vital info. With rich candidate profiles at your fingertips, you can quickly review every applicant in your pipeline, helping you make informed (and safer) hiring decisions.

By delivering a stellar, mobile-friendly application experience, automating communication touchpoints and never losing sight of where top candidates are in your hiring process, they’ll jump to accept your job offer when the time comes.

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Our opt-in-only database means every teacher is open to hearing from great schools like yours. All you have to do is snap them up before someone else does.

No more waiting for the perfect teacher to find you. Our advanced search filters will help you define and target the exact candidates you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

Instantly engage with active job seekers, increase awareness of your school brand and establish relationships through personalized email communications.

Database Access

Find great teachers waiting to be discovered

Sometimes the best candidates don't come to you, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. Skip the wait and reach qualified candidates right away with Teach Away’s Database Access.


Reach teachers looking for their next career move


Attract the right teachers in less time


Develop an informed pipeline of candidates

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Online Fairs

Meet candidates where they already are

Reach more of the qualified teachers you want to hire, without having to leave your desk.


Get the most out of your recruitment budget


Eliminate wasted time and effort


Cast a wider net

Wave goodbye to per-hire fees and travel and hotel costs. Unlimited access to our online fairs means you can minimize your recruiting costs, while still connecting with candidates who want to work at your school.

Interview with dozens of highly-qualified, screened-in candidates in a matter of hours, without losing precious time traveling to and from in-person hiring fairs.

Not every candidate can trudge halfway across the world to attend an in-person hiring fair. Here’s your chance to hire the superstar teachers you might otherwise miss out on. (After all there’s no wider net than the Internet.)

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17.5K+ new teachers each month

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