Why choose full service recruitment?

Better hire rates - Teach Away has the highest acceptance rates in the industry.

No wasted time - Teach Away’s expert staff handle the recruitment process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your school’s operations.

Only the best candidates come across your desk - All candidates are screened and interviewed to meet your exact requirements.

Reach an additional 500,000 educators - We promote your positions through social networks, prominent job boards, and our exclusive network of partner sites.

Support for your candidates - Teach Away's pre-departure cultural preparation and document support ensure that your candidates are ready when they arrive.

Only pay for candidates you hire* - Full service recruitment allows you to select the best candidate, and only pay when they arrive.

*some campaigns require upfront payment or deposit.

Full Service Recruitment options

Whether you are interested in face-to-face recruitment campaigns or utilizing state of the art web interviewing technology, Teach Away has a solution for your institution.

Virtual recruitment

Today’s technology allows international organizations to interview from across the globe. Whether through Skype, Google Hangout, or telephone, institutions can realistically simulate an in-person interview.

Other benefits:

  • No costly travel or geographic restrictions, leading to a larger pool of candidates.
  • Shorter recruitment cycles resulting in lower drop out rates.

Exclusive in-person campaigns

Unlike recruitment fairs, Teach Away’s in-person campaigns are hosted specifically for your institution. This allows you to be selective in your hiring, rather than competing against hundreds of other schools for limited candidates.

In-person campaigns are most effective for Ministries of Education and school conglomerations with major hiring needs.

Help me customize my recruitment

International teacher recruitment through Teach Away

Teach Away leads other international teacher recruitment agencies in size and scope:

The Teach Away difference

  • An exclusive database of over 265,000 candidates
  • An average of 8,000 new applicants each month
  • An extended network of 500,000 educators reached through social media
  • A Facebook following of over 25,000
  • Offices in 4 time zones to facilitate communication

Is full service recruitment right for you?

Who should opt for full service recruitment?

  • Established schools looking for new avenues to attract educators
  • Recently founded schools looking to scale quickly
  • Schools in need of urgent hires
  • Institutions with multiple campuses and complex hiring needs
  • Organizations will mass hiring needs
  • Schools looking to promote their brand/reputation

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