What is the Bilingual Program?

We are a private, non-profit, tuition-based educational enterprise operating in Hungarian state and private educational institutions. As such, we are a public-private partnership that has been providing unique educational opportunities to thousands of families in Hungary since 2001.


We operate our nationally accredited program in five primary schools, one high school and three kindergartens in Budapest and its environs. Our primary school program encompasses 1st through 8th grade and involves nearly every subject in the curriculum, making it possible for teachers of diverse backgrounds to draw on their training and experience and deliver quality teaching to students aged 6 to 14. Our high school program, which begins in Grade 5, mirrors our primary school program in method and content. In our kindergarten program, children aged 3 to 6 are immersed in a bilingual environment using the 'one person, one language model'. Within this context, we provide high-quality early childhood education in English through play and everyday situations as well as set activities, resulting in successful language acquisition from a very young age.


We offer an innovative approach to teaching, including the interactive and communicative approach favored in EFL environments as well as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in our subject lessons at all grade levels and in the kindergarten. As such, we co-teach: teachers hold lessons jointly and alternate in the leading role, switching languages throughout the course of the lesson. Students thus study simultaneously in both English and Hungarian. We are also innovating in terms of technology in teaching, integrating various online learning platforms into our program and making extensive use of tablets in our primary and high school classrooms.


We provide professional development training opportunities at multiple points throughout each school year, starting with in-depth orientation and training in August prior to the start of school. We work with top teacher trainers, from within Hungary, the UK and further afield. We also offer administrative support including: a school-based manager, teacher trainer and a coordinator; central office staff; an HR team charged with handling housing-related matters, immigration procedures as well as medical visits and work-related papers and procedures; a mentor teacher; and documentation on everything from culture shock to medical care in Hungary. 

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