Junhwa International School is looking for primary and secondary teachers for its new program in Jinhua City, China. 


Educational philosophy:

The Junhwa School is based on the successful experience and excellent performance of Jinhua Foreign Language School, oriented by the educational philosophy “To develop noble characters, to cultivate international talents” of the Shengtai Group, and its curriculum containing the quintessence from all cultures around the world and the achievements of modern science. The school holds the school motto “to pursue the gracious realm”, appealing to the teachers and students to fulfill the “Six New Morality (gentleness, kindness, courtesy, frugalness, modest and bravery)”, to study the “Six New artistry (etiquette, music, archery, driving, calligraphy, arithmetic)”, aiming to cultivate elites named “gentlemen in the new age”, who will be outstanding in all aspects, equipped with “Three Profoundness (erudition, aspiration and philanthropy)”, “Three Elegance (elegant appearance, morality and interest)”, national integrity and world insight. The school appeals to become a distinct, superior international school with noble spirit, one that will benefit the local people for centuries. 


About Junhwa: 

  • Fast growing school (8X in the next 5 years – Full K-12 program with 3,200 students) 
  • Great opportunities for advancement (curriculum development, leadership)
  • Bilingual program 
  • Mix of Cambridge Curriculum and Chinese National Curriculum  
  • 20 students per class
  • International faculty from over half a dozen countries
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities (golf, rock climbing, horseback riding, fencing)

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