NCPA is perhaps the most unique school in China. Our curriculum is American (Common Core/AP), our teachers are Western, and our student body is 100% mainland Chinese. Our school blends the very best elements of China and America together with the most innovative education practices of the 21st Century. Our goal at NCPA is to prepare our students for college and for the life they will lead after college. 

The NCPA experience begins with a rigorous academic program where students are challenged and excited by what they learn. Learning is at the heart of everything we do at NCPA. Our philosophy of learning includes social, emotional, physical and service learning as well. We believe in this holistic approach. 

NCPA’s groundbreaking English immersion program (We are an ISS World Language Initiative catalyst school for EAL) is an extension of our commitment to holistic education. Every aspect of a student’s life at NCPA is focused on building English literacy. The goal is for every graduate of NCPA to be successful scholars in both Chinese and English. 

We hope you consider teaching at our school for its unique culture, its research-based instructional framework, its commitment to a high level of professional development, and its holistic approach to student education.

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