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Latest teaching jobs at Pagoda Academy in South Korea

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Stay tuned for new positions at Pagoda Academy. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.
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Stay tuned for new positions at Pagoda Academy. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.

About Pagoda Academy

Pagoda Academy is at the forefront of foreign language education in Korea. Through the support of dedicated teachers and motivated adult students, Pagoda has achieved enormous success since its foundation in 1969.

Pagoda currently employs over 100 native English-speaking teachers at prime locations in Seoul, Busan and Incheon. We extend our heart-felt gratitude to everyone who, through sincere encouragement and support, has helped us continue advancing towards our bright future.

We hope that you too can help us lead the way in helping people from all over the world communicate with one another!


Top 10 Reasons to Teach at PAGODA!


  1. Location, location, location! Seoul, Incheon, and Busan. Our locations are in major social, educational and business hubs. Conveniently located near subway stations means getting around the city or out of the city on weekends can be done with ease. 
  2. Use Pagoda's well-known curriculum that teachers and students love. We develop and update our books and programs to meet Korean students’ needs employing the latest methodologies. Our R&D team, staffed with native and Korean researchers publishes easy-to-use and engaging textbooks. 
  3. Pagoda Academy is a stable company. Established in 1969. Never worry about being paid on time, the doors closing on you or suddenly having to teach kids. We are a financially sound company with over 100 native teachers educating over 5,000 learners each month. 
  4. Realize financial goals, whatever they may be! 2.6-3+million/month. We have a solid minimum amount to support teachers, but with our hourly pay system, higher pay rates for reading, writing, business English, options to teach extra/weekend classes, overtime bonuses, interview hours, and a pay raise every year. You really can make a lot of WON. 
  5. Comprehensive training and the chance to develop and grow professionally. Our training program is designed to support you before and during your time here at Pagoda. From onsite SLE training, personal observations and feedback, online resources and materials to regular workshops and on-going guidance, we work with you to make you the best teacher possible. 
  6. Our eager students! University, business people, and professionals. Teaching adults is simply fantastic! For those of you who taught adults and young learners, I’m sure you would agree. Our students have many reasons for attending our different programs. Some need English for work, for a promotion, because they are going abroad to work/study or they simply like English and want to watch a movie without subtitles. Sure, as a teacher we have to be motivators and keep classes engaging, but it is infinitely more rewarding to prepare for classes knowing that you have students ready to participate and there’s no babysitting. 
  7. Current teachers and staff make for a wonderful working environment! We have teachers from all backgrounds, ages and experience levels. Not only that you will be working in the same location as our great Korean, Japanese and Chinese teachers so you get an interesting cultural experience. We also have managers, most of who graduated from universities in native speaking countries so communicating with them about simple matters and more complex ones are done with ease. 
  8. Modern classrooms and a well-equipped teacher's room in every branch! We have modern facilities and frequently remodel to make sure students and teachers have clean, bright, safe and pleasant classrooms, prep areas and lounge areas. Some rooms come with beam projectors and laptops and beam projectors are on hand for you to use in your classes. 
  9. Pay increases every year! We like to reward hardworking and positive team players so we offer pay raises every year.
  10. MONTH LONG VACATION + Extra days off + National Holidays. That’s right! A whole month off for our SLE teachers, where you can head home, travel Korea, Asia or do whatever and come back refreshed and ready to teach. We only teach 20 class days a month, which means we usually have an extra day or two off each month, on top of National holidays. Pagoda One teachers receive 15 personal vacation days a year plus national holidays.

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Pagoda Academy contact information

Address: Pagoda Tower, Seoul, 11, 06614, South Korea
Phone: +82 (269) 072-842
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