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Types of Visas for Teaching English in Korea

English teachers are generally granted 2 types of visas that allow them to work and live in Korea: E-2 and F-4. In some cases, professors at universities and colleges will apply for an E-1 visa.

E-2 Visa – Foreign Language Teaching

The E-2 visa allows you to teach in any registered educational institute in Korea. You can teach at a private school, public school or language school (hagwon). It is important to note that you can only teach for the school that sponsors your visa. In order to be eligible for an E-2 visa you must be a native English speaker.

F-4 Visa - Overseas Koreans

The F-4 visa is for ethnic Koreans living overseas. This includes Korean nationals who have become citizens of a foreign country. In addition, if your parents or grandparents once held Korean citizenship, but are now citizens of another country, you are also eligible. Overseas Adopted Koreans are also eligible for this type of visa. An F-4 visa provides much more employment flexibility than other visas as it essentially provides you the same opportunity as a Korean national.

E-1 Visa – Professor

The E-1 visa is for foreigners who are qualified by the Higher Education Act and will be giving lectures at an educational facility. In order to apply for this you must be one of the following:

  • A professor at an academic organization (such as KAIST)
  • A full time lecturer or professor hired by a university or college

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