teach in moldova

Teach in Moldova

ESL teachers looking to teach abroad in Moldova can find positions either at private language schools or international schools.

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Teach in Moldova

Teaching in Moldova

Over the past number of years, Moldova has been actively reforming the education system to become more competitive globally. As a result, schools and local communities have been given greater autonomy in running schools and in shaping education policies and practices. Due to this sea change, teaching in Moldova offers teachers a unique opportunity to progress their teaching career by becoming a key decision maker at their school.

Options for teaching in Moldova

Generally, teaching jobs at language schools and international schools in Moldova are located in the capital, Chisinau.

teach in moldova

Salary and benefits while teaching in Moldova

Salary and benefits for teaching jobs in international schools and language schools in Moldova differ across schools.

Teaching Benefit TypeTeaching Benefit Details
Yearly Salary$450 USD per month (this is the national salary average)
Working Hours35 hours per week
Relocation AllowanceNot provided
VacationJune-August, as well as school breaks over Christmas, Easter and fall
Health InsuranceState insurance is provided to all employees
Contract DurationOne year

Teaching in Moldova – Hiring

The school year in Moldova runs from September to the end of May. Teachers can be hired for teaching jobs in Moldova year-round, but the peak hiring times usually occur between April and August.

Qualifications to teach in Moldova

To stand the best chance of getting hired as an ESL teacher in Moldova, candidates should have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL Certificate.

The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online certificate can help you become a leading candidate when applying to teach English abroad in Moldova.

Visas for teachers in Moldova

Moldova is not a member of the European Union, so all teachers will need to have a work permit in order to teach abroad in Moldova, regardless of their citizenship. Due to the red tape involved in getting a visa to work in Moldova, it's advisable to have a job offer in place prior to your arrival.

teaching in moldova

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Living in Moldova

The cost of living is markedly lower in Moldova compared with most Western countries, and is the lowest in Europe, so you should be able to live comfortably at the average salary range for teachers, especially if you shop locally.

Things for teachers to do in Moldova

Moldova is a small country, sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. Conveniently, most of its attractions are easily reached within a two-hour drive from Chisinau.Your salary will stretch pretty far in Moldova: expect to pay around 20 lei for a small beer (less than €1 or US$1) at a local restaurant in Chisinau.

Although Moldova has traditionally been among Europe’s least-visited countries, it’s fast gaining a reputation for its unspoiled countryside and scenic wine tours. For avid sightseers and history lovers, there are lots of historical monuments to visit in Moldova, including churches, monasteries, castles and fortresses, dating back to medieval times.

teaching in moldova

Moldova at a Glance

Country Information

Capital - Chisinau

Language - Romanian

Population - 4.067 million

Currency - Moldovan leu

Government - Parliamentary republic

Major Religion - Christian Orthodox

Climate - Moderate continental

Quick Facts
  • Impressively, most Moldovans are bi- or tri-lingual, speaking mostly Romanian, Russian and Gagauz!
  • When you're entering someone's home in Moldova, it's considered bad manners to leave your shoes on. They’ll happily supply with with slippers to wear instead!
  • Despite being a landlocked country, Moldova has a man-made beach in the capital, Chisinau.
  • Moldova's national dish of choice is porridge, and is a popular accompaniment to their traditional stews.
  • Moldova is best known for its wine. Wine is Moldova’s largest export, and the country’s production of wine is the highest in the world per capita.
  • Although not currently a member, Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU back in 2014 and may be able to join in the future.
  • Although it was part of the former Soviet Union, the official language of Moldova is Moldovan, which is actually based on the Romanian language.

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