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Volunteer in Vietnam as an English teacher and get to know this lush, fascinating country in Southeast Asia.

Volunteers usually teach English in Vietnam in local schools, allowing them to gain international teaching experience, get to know the locals, learn the language and work with other instructors from around the world. Volunteer teaching jobs abroad can last for one semester or more.

Volunteer in Vietnam

Teaching English in Vietnam as a volunteer can be a valuable experience for teachers of all levels. Schools may offer jobs to new or experienced teachers in summer camps, language classes, or as teaching assistants in local schools. Volunteer programs often provide teachers with room and board, and some programs also pay volunteers a stipend for their time abroad. Volunteering in Vietnam offers many benefits to aspiring ESL teachers.

Benefits of Volunteering in Vietnam

Cultural immersion

Living and working in a Vietnamese community allows volunteers to immerse themselves in a local culture while sharing their own traditions.

Language learning

Basic Vietnamese can be picked up easier by practicing with locals. This will enable you to communicate with people in your town, carry out errands, visit local shops and restaurants and have a more enjoyable experience.

Community involvement

Volunteering in Vietnam provides a chance for teachers to contribute to the global community. Volunteer teachers assist others in reaching their language learning goals and foster mutual cultural understanding between countries.

Image - Benefits of Volunteering in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel

Explore Vietnam in more depth than the average tourist. Volunteering in Vietnam gives ESL teachers the opportunity to understand the culture, learn the language and develop international friendships in their area. Many volunteers, upon completing their volunteer positions, continue to travel in Vietnam or throughout other countries in Southeast Asia, using the knowledge gained to have a truly fulfilling journey.

From the architecture of Hanoi, to the tropical beaches along the coast, to the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam is a traveler’s paradise. Domestic travel is easy and inexpensive, making the country a popular destination for adventure travelers worldwide. Despite the influences from other cultures that are apparent in Vietnamese architecture and cuisine, the nation has a distinct identy of its own.

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Earn a TEFL Certificate

Many volunteer teaching jobs in Vietnam prefer (or require) that teachers have previously obtained a TEFL certificate. Teach Away recommends the online TEFL course from the University of Toronto. With TEFL training from the University of Toronto, prospective teachers earn an internationally recognized certificate from one of the world’s top 20 universities. The course can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world.

TEFL Online offers the highest caliber of TEFL instruction in a fully self-paced, mobile-accessible course intended to fit any schedule. The TEFL Online curriculum was designed by the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto, and graduates receive a TEFL certificate issued by the university. Completion of the course ensures that prospective educators are not only prepared to design and implement successful language lessons, and are fully equipped to live and work overseas.

The TEFL Online certification provides ESL teachers with a number of benefits:

  • Increase employability – A TEFL certificate strengthens your resume, making you eligible for more competitive jobs and higher salaries
  • Travel the world – Your TEFL certificate trains you to develop cultural fluency and opens opportunities for cultural immersion through travel
  • Teach English effectively – The TEFL Online certification lays the groundwork for effective classroom management in any country. Teachers learn to create and implement culturally appropriate lesson plans and develop effective techniques for foreign language instruction.

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Vietnam Fast Facts
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 86 million
Currency: Dong (VND), although US dollars are commonly used and accepted
Climate: Tropical