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Teach in Austria

ESL and certified teachers seeking teaching jobs in Austria can find positions - primarily teaching English - in the Austrian public school system, as well as at private language schools, international schools, adult education colleges and universities throughout the country. English is a required subject in Austria, taken by students from Kindergarten level and upwards. As a result, there is a high demand for native English teachers, although many Austrians speak English well so teaching positions are competitive, particularly in the capital, Vienna.

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Teaching in Austria

Options for teaching in Austria

Teachers in Austria will find most teaching opportunities in bigger towns and cities such as Vienna, where many of Austria’s international schools, private language schools, colleges and universities are located.

teaching in austria

Salary and benefits while teaching in Austria

Teaching Benefit TypeTeaching Benefit Details

Yearly Salary

€800 - €3,000 ($850 - $3,200 USD) per month.

Working Hours

20 - 30 hours/week.

Relocation Allowance

Not provided.


July - September.

Health Insurance

Most people living in Austria do not require private health insurance, as the country is home to one of the top public healthcare systems in Europe. Expat teachers are entitled to avail of public medical care due to tax contributions - which are mandatory.

Contract Duration

One year.

Teach in Austria – Hiring

The school year in Austria runs from September until July. While schools in Austria hire teachers year round, peak recruitment times for English teachers in Austria usually fall in September and January.

Qualifications to teach in Austria

Ideally, teachers looking for jobs at private language schools in Austria should have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and an internationally recognized TEFL certificate to stand the best chance of securing an English teaching position.

The University of Toronto's TEFL online certificate can give you the edge over other candidates applying to teach English abroad in Austria.

International schools in Austria will often seek candidates who have a postgraduate certificate in education as well as relevant teaching experience. The pay is consequently higher at Austrian international schools compared to private language schools.

teach in austria

Visas for teachers in Austria

If you’re a teacher from an EU member state, you won’t need to apply for a visa to work in Austria. However, all EU nationals will need to apply for permanent residency status within three months of their arrival in the country. Teachers outside of the EU, who have not yet secured a teaching job in Austria, are eligible to apply for a six-month Jobseeker visa. Due to the relocation costs involved with moving to Austria, it’s worth having a job offer in place prior to your arrival.

teaching in austria

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Living in Austria

The cost of living in Austria varies depending on the location you’re looking to teach English in. Living costs, in particular food and accommodation, can be high in urban centers, however salaries are also higher to reflect this fact.

Things for teachers to do in Austria

With its rich culture and history, Austria is an exceptional country to live and travel in. Vienna is famous for its classical music and Gothic architecture, but that’s not all there is to experience here. Lovers of the great outdoors will be thrilled by Austria’s unparalleled natural landscape. Best known as the winter sports capital of Europe, Austria is not to be overlooked in the summer months: popular activities include visiting the countryside’s many historic villages, hiking in the magnificent Alps, swimming in the clear blue lakes of the Danube valley and much more. Austria is also prime for easy and affordable travel to other countries, as it is situated at a crossroads in Europe.

teaching in austria

Austria at a Glance

Country Information

Capital - Vienna

Language - German

Population - 8.223 million

Currency - Euro

Government - Federal republic

Major Religion - Roman Catholic

Climate - Temperate

Quick Facts
  • Austria is a landlocked country, bordered by eight countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and Slovak Republic.
  • As it is located in the Alps, Austria is a mountainous country due to its location in the Alps, with two-thirds of the country sitting at over 500 meters (1,640 feet) above sea level.
  • Austria boasts 20 Nobel Prize winners, spanning several different fields including medicine, chemistry, physics and economics.
  • Austria is the birthplace of some of the most renowned classical music composers, including Haydn, Liszt, Schubert, Strauss and Mozart.
  • Austrians are avid winter sports fans: skiing, snowboarding and ski-jumping are all hugely popular national pastimes in Austria. To date, Innsbruck, Austria has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in 1964 and 1976.
  • The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, was born in Austria.
  • Vienna, Austria, is home to the oldest zoo in the world, founded in 1752.

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