Abu Dhabi FAQ

Read below to find answers to our most frequently asked questions about living and working in Abu Dhabi.

Education system in Abu Dhabi

Culture in Abu Dhabi schools

Student behaviour varies according to school, age and gender of the students. Some teachers enjoy easy-to-manage classrooms, while others must work hard with classroom management.

No, English has been recently introduced as the teaching language in the curriculum. Therefore, English proficiency is quite low. Teach Away teachers are eligible for the exclusive Teach Away Scholarship Program for courses designed to address the challenges of educating Arabic-speaking students learning English.

No, only English, Math, and Science are taught in English. All other subjects are taught in Arabic. Foreign teachers will conduct classes only in English. Teachers may wish to consider coursework designed to support them in meeting the specific challenges of Arabic-speaking classrooms.

School calendar in Abu Dhabi

Weekends in Abu Dhabi are on Friday and Saturday. As a teacher in Abu Dhabi, you will only work Sunday to Thursday. Abu Dhabi schools are closed on weekends and national holidays.

Summer vacation in Abu Dhabi can start approximately in mid-June and typically runs for a month. Teachers will be informed of the specific dates of the summer vacation at the beginning of the school year. Foreign teachers will be paid for all national holidays that fall within a working week and all school vacation.

Salary and benefits in Abu Dhabi

Salaries of teachers working for the Abu Dhabi Education Council are determined based upon experience and qualifications.

No, salary in the United Arab Emirates is tax-free, so teachers will not be deducted any income tax in the UAE. However, teachers will want to check with their home country regarding tax requirements and their responsibilities while teaching overseas.

Yes, teachers will receive reimbursement for their ticket to the UAE at the commencement of their contract, and for their ticket home the end of their contract. Yearly air tickets are also provided in between the years of the contract. Flights are paid for the teacher, their spouse, and up to three dependants under the age of 18.

Each teacher is provided with medical insurance once the necessary paperwork is completed upon arrival to the UAE. Upon arrival, teachers are given information about the insurance plans and providers available.
The Education Council is responsible for 100% of the premium of the medical insurance as per the approved government health care plan. Health care is most often arranged with a private health care provider as it is convenient and reasonably priced. Dental is usually not included.

Yes. Teachers will be paid an end-of-contract bonus equal to the amount of one month salary per year at the completion of the contract. All contracts are 3 years in length.

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