IAT – Institute of Applied Technology

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The Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) offers career-based technical education for students, and excellent opportunities for technical and vocational teachers from around the world.

About IAT

IAT’s vision is to create a world-class career-based technical education system that will produce the scientists, engineers, and technicians needed for the UAE to build a knowledge-based economy. The school provides secondary and post-secondary vocational training in Math, Science, Computer Science, and Engineering, among other subjects. English education is strongly emphasized.

IAT provides instructional programs that combine career and technical education with a rigorous academic curriculum. The school boasts cutting edge classroom technology, excellent facilities, and a wealth of resources for students and teachers.

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Teaching Jobs at IAT

Available positions may vary, but often include the following:

  • English
  • Math
  • Computer Science/ ICT
  • Engineering
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
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IAT Requirements

Requirements to teach abroad in IAT will vary by position, and are always subject to change. Prospective teachers can use the following guidelines, but should always check the requirements listed for each current position.

English teaching jobs with IAT

  • Bachelor’s degree in English
  • TEFL certification
  • Minimum of 3 years teaching English at the relevant grade level
  • (Preferred): Previous experience in the Gulf region is an asset

Math and Science teaching jobs with IAT

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject (Master’s preferred)
  • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience at the high school or college level
  • (Preferred): Previous experience in the Gulf region is an asset

Engineering teaching jobs with IAT

  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred)
  • Minimum of 3 years teaching experience at the high school or college level, OR a minimum of 3 years of industry experience
  • (Preferred): Previous experience in the Gulf region is an asset
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IAT Interview Dates

Interviews performed online with an IAT panel throughout the year and are being arranged on the tentative dates below:

  • TBA, 2017
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Location of IAT schools

Abu Dhabi City – The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a world-class cosmopolitan city. With beaches, shopping, nightlife, and dining options to satisfy any personality, Abu Dhabi is an extremely popular destination for teaching abroad.

Al Ain – Located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is known as the Garden City. Greener and quieter than Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain provides all the conveniences of the city in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Dubai – Famously luxurious Dubai hosts some of the world’s tallest buildings, most high-end dining and shopping, beautiful beaches, and all-around luxury. A hugely popular destination for teaching abroad, Dubai is an experience not soon forgotten.

Ras Al Khaima - Ras Al Khaimah is best known for its dramatic landscape. With the rocky Hajjar Mountains to the east, and the white beaches of the Arabian Gulf to the west, this beautiful Emirate allows teachers to mix a modern lifestyle with traditional experiences.

Fujairah – The Emirate of Fujairah lies on the Gulf of Oman and shares a border with Oman. The youngest of the seven Emirates, Fujairah lies in a mountainous region and provides a quieter, more relaxed experience than that of some of the major cities.

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IAT Salary and Benefits

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Salary Approximately $3,000-3,500 USD/month, tax-free
Flight Return airfare provided for teacher, spouse, and up to 3 dependent children
Housing Subsidized
Vacation Summer vacation and national holidays
Health Insurance Provided
Education allowance Tuition allowance for dependants
Contract length 3 years

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